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Welcome to the "Philadelphia Poets" website.  On it, I will be talking about Philadelphia Poets -- the journal that I edit and publish -- and the many readings that I organize throughout the year.  You'll find information about the publication; our current issue, Volume 21, 2015, has cover art by Julian R. Fama and inside illustrations by painter and sculptor John Costanza. This issue features a Special Section devoted to the poetry of Italian/American poets, from pages 52 to 106. This edition's total 176 pages include poems and reviews by 54 poets, some local to the Philadelphia area and others from various places throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our previous issue, Volume 20, 2014, has cover art by John Costanza and its 172 pages contain the writings of poets, whose work has appeared regularly, such as Peter Baroth, Bert Barry, Richard W. Moyer, Joseph A. Cilluffo, Kay Peters, as well as some new to us, such as K. J. Wells, Brian McCurdy, and Rhonda Melanson.

The year before came Volume 19, 2013, with poets including Anthony Nannetti, Lynn Hoffman, Rochelle Lewis, and Kyle Laws. This issue was dedicated "in memoriam" to Robert C. Melzi, Awilda I. Castro Suarez, Arthur Winfield Knight, Mary Ann Mannino, and George Spillane. Books by MaryAnn Miller and Gilda Morina Syverson were reviewed.

Volume 18, 2012, has 184 pages of the poetry of 59 poets, from Lisa Alexander Baron to Nathan Whiting, Michael Wurster, and Robert Zaller, as well as reviews of the poetry chapbooks of Fereshteh Sholevar, Daniel Abdal Hayy-Moore, and Lili Bita. Poets here for the first time are Marisa Frasca, Ann Settel, and Norma West Linder. The cover features the art of Barbara Barasch Rosin, and in its floral beauty with blue predominating commemorates the life of Diana Festa (1930-2011) to whom the issue is dedicated. Four of Diana Festa's poems are published here, as well as an essay by M. Ana Diz that relates to Diana, and recollections in poetic form by three other of her colleagues. Here as well are the four last poems that Louis McKee (1951-2011) sent me.

Our annual South Philly Book Launch will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at the Fumo Family Library at Broad Street near Porter, 6 to 8 p.m.

Our annual Awards Presentation/Reading will take place on June 10th, also at the Fumo, from 6 to 9. 

Previous issues are still available, from Volume 9, Number 1, upwards. At the top of this page, you will see various headers of the several sections of this website, and clicking on the one you are interested in will get you there.  If you are interested in submitting, click into Philadelphia Poets Journal above for submission guidelines. It is advisable to query before sending a submission, to make sure the issue is not yet full.

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Rosemary Petracca Cappello