This website is your FREE PASS to visit Time Town

Once upon a time there was a family park called Time Town. My family and I spent every summer vacation in Lake George NY from around 1975-1987. We enjoyed the many activities offered in the Adirondacks.

Time Town was always our favorite place to visit. The park was family owned and had a sort of charm and unique feel to it as many family owned businesses do. It was not overly commercial and was very affordable to bring the family and stay for the day.

The park closed sometime in the early 80's.

I live in New Jersey now and was reading a local publication called WeirdNJ. One story in the magazine sparked my memory of Time Town. I decided to search the web and was surprised to find absolutely no information.

I decided to create a website to Remember Time Town.

Luckily, I did find someone selling an old brochure on an online auction site and I managed to find some old family photos to bring back some of the history of Time Town before it is lost forever. I hope you enjoy your visit and I invite you to share any stories , pictures or information that can help make our memory of Time Town even better.


Jan 2004
I have been contacted by the former owner of Time Town and some of his children. They have provided me with more accurate information about the park. I have created an additional link below called "Time Town History Revealed", which will have the detail straight from the owner and his children who were involved in running many of the day to day operations.

Feb 2004
I have updated the site with additional pictures from Ted. I also found a site that can make inexpensive T Shirts. I uploaded the Time Town Logo in different sizes to creat 3 different style shirts. I ordered one for myself and will review the quality of the shirt and maybe upload a picture of myself wearing one. Now everyone can show their love of Time Town!

Mar 2004
Updated photos & added a copy of the Time Town free pass ticket!


You can contact Dustin at Please feel free to email any stories or pictures.


TIME TOWN HISTORY REVEALED -Detailed photos and historical data from the former owner of Time Town.

DIRECTIONS TO TIME TOWN - A map of where Time Town was located. If anyone ventures there now, please send some photos.

TIME TOWN BROCHURE HIGHTLIGHTS - photos from an old Time Town brochure.

INSIDE BROCHURE PICTURES - inside the brochure.

MY FAMILY PHOTOS FROM TIME TOWN - Dustin's personal family photos.

CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SITE - a list of those who have contributed with photos or information.

TIME TOWN ITEMS - I found a site that makes inexpensive shirts & hats. Celebrate Time Town with your own shirt.


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