This website was created in Early Jan 2004 and in less than 1 month I have already been contacted by the former owner of Time Town (Ted) and many of his children. Their reactions to my site are all very positive. Many of them have helped tell a more accurate story of Time Town. I would never of guessed in a million years that I would of heard from them. I am thrilled to have heard from them and Ted have even provided some personal photos.

Here are some of the facts about Time Town that I have learned from Ted and a few of his children.
  • Time Town opened in the Summer of 1970.
  • The Park closed in 1981 due to the high cost of insurance the park needed to have and a smaller number of visitors.
  • The owners of Time Town now reside in Albany ,NY.
  • Their were 14 children in the family that almost all worked at Time Town at one time.
  • Originally the owners had a large telescope at the top of the hill at the Time Town location. Later Time Town was built around it.
  • Many of the rides and statues from Time Town were sold to another Park in Lake George called The Magic Forest.
  • more to come ...stay tuned
The Time Town Name Revealed:

In emailing Ted , I have asked several questions to help me understand the origination of Time Town. Here are the questions and his replies:

Where did the name Time Town come from?

I came up with the name after careful consideration. There were other Parks in the area and many used the word " Town " after their common name. I was looking for something that would take in the Past and into the Future. So, I came up with the name " TIME " which I thought was perfect for it took in all we had had in mind to offer. With the large Telescope being used as the kick off it seemed to me the perfect combination. Along with that the balance of an old theme with the telescope worked out perfect I thought.

Was the original thought to open the park to the public?

The original idea was to open the Park to the public. I felt that a new concept would be a natural because so many Parks had done very well throughout the Adirondacks and especially in the Lake George region.

How long did it take to construct the site for Time Town?

I must of spent 2 to 3 years in the development operation before we opened in the early 70's.

Can you tell me more about the park opening, how it was run and the eventaul closing?

The Park was opened in late spring, early summer for school groups and especially during July and August throughout the summer months for regular customers. It was an up hill battle most of the time especially being off the beaten track so to speak. The Park was operated as a family operation and I had the family well behind me to operate. We had a beautiful location overlooking beautiful Lake George. I feel my children got alot out of the Park and made many nice friends through the summer months in its operation. Unfortunately in the late 70's the beautiful Celestron 21" telescope was stolen. To date we have no infomation relative to the robber or robbers. Then in the early 80's my son Michael died of Lukeimia after a very long illness. That was the final draw and along with a low attendance record I thought it best to get out. The property was soon sold to a Realestate developer for the development of beautiful summer homes. This new venture has been doing very well for this developer.

Below are the pictures I have received from Ted (former owner of Time Town):

Time Town Entrance

Time Town Characters

Time Town GIANT



Time Town Construction Pictures