Bishop Fenwick Class of 1964 "Bio" Form - New Records as of May 7, 2014
First Last/Maiden Married Name City State City-Alt State-Alt Career History Kids Gkids Family Highlights Hobbies/Activities
Michael Dixey North Reading MA 1 0 Playing jazz guitar; Traveling

Betty Hendricks Cohen Ocala FL "I graduated from Northeastern University, where I met my husband, George, an engineer, then I got my M.Ed from Lesley University I worked as a Director of Technology for several independent schools in the Southeast, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee organizing one to one laptop programs and specializing in girls' education. We retired to Ocala , FL in 2006 to be close to friends and family"

2 0 "Married to George since 1971, we met at Northeastern University, son Matthew is 40, was a paramedic, then ICU RN, currently manger at a rehab treatment center in Florida, S32on Joshua is 32, is an accountant and musician in Florida No grand kids, but lots of nieces and nephews to spoil" "I enjoy gardening, and am a Master Gardener in Florida, and do my volunteering with schools and community gardens I love reading, photography, swimming and never having to face snow again."
Maurie McIntire
Oak Bluffs MA Indian Wells CA Came back to Marblehead for 1 year after graduating college, but then left to get married to my college sweetheart and ended up living in NJ for 30 yrs raising our 3 kids. Worked as a substitute school nurse and volunteered at our local hospital in Summit NJ for many years. We now live out in California in the winter, where I volunteer at a public school in Mecca 1 day a week.

3 9 We are definitely a Georgetown Family!! Bob and I both graduated and our 3 children, Joe, Sean and Mara all graduated from there also. Joe married a GU girl and who knows how many of their 6 kids will attend!!!!???? We love living on Martha's Vineyard in the Summer. it keeps my Massachusetts roots in tact. I play lots of golf, do Yoga whenever i can, hike the hills and mts out here in the desert , and party way too many nights/week!!!!!!!! And I love it.