Chris Craft 23 ft Lancer

Just a website to document the ongoing "floating resoration" of my 1969 23 ft Chris Craft Lancer.

So far the boat's history...

Purchased in the spring of 2004 from its second owner who lives in Point Pleasant NJ.  Boat in EXCELLENT condition overall although it had the original raw water cooled engine. Used boat that season.

The boat was not used during the 2005 season.

A new engine was ordered for installation in Feb 2006 by a local mechanic.   Installation was finished and boat launched in August of 2006  (DON'T ASK!!!)  The boat had an incorrect drive ratio so the boat could not be setup with the correct prop.

In the spring of 2007 I purchased a used 280 drive from Craig's list and spent much of the summer doing a rebuild.

I used the boat fairly often during the 2008 season, but was unable to get full RPMs from the engine.  Base on test data from a previosu Lancer I owned and some tests I ran on this one, I came to the conclusion that the exhaust system on a 280 drive is too restrictive for a 350 CID engine at 260 HP.

My MAJOR project is to convert the exhaust to thru transom with mufflers..  Some boat pixs are on this site...

They fall into two catagories...

1)reprints of technical files related to Volvo Stern Drives and the new engine in the boat.

2) Boat Pictures  


OK... my Project List (so far!).

1) Convert to thru transom exhaust w/mufflers
2) Rebuild the engine box
3) Redo Inst panel to move exernal gauges onto panel
4) Install Engine Hr meter
5) Move Battery Selector switch and reroute battery cables
6) Make removeable hatch to fill in the "step down" infront of cuddy door.
7) Rebuild/modify cuddy door so it folds, i.e. like a fanfold.
8) Convert single red/green running lights (THIS IS A HAZARD FOLKS!) to seperate ones.
9) Redo seats (probably not for awhile!)






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