Solid Carburetor Mounts

For Triumph TR7, Sprint, Dolomite

Carburetor mount installed Carburetor mount parts kit

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I have fabricated these kits for the Triumph TR7, Sprint, and Dolomite carburetor mounting. These kits replace the rubber flex mounts (Moss Motors # 071-107, TRF # TKC1338) that were originally fitted. The original mounts seem to fail rather quickly and are expensive (now about $60 each for the "good" ones) and inconvenient to change. When they fail, the cracks allow air into the manifold resulting in a lean mixture. If allowed to persist, the lean condition will damage the engine.

These kits use the 7075 aluminum alloy that is used for aircraft parts. It has the strength of steel and the weight of aluminum. These aluminum adapters are CNC machined to more precise tolerances than the original parts. The combined thickness of the adapter plus the insulator and gasket exactly replicates the thickness of the original flex mount

The kits consist of all the parts you will need to replace your failed rubber “flex mounts” for both carburetors. These kits include grade 5 bolts for both the manifold side and the carburetor side, the aluminum adapter, an insulator, and the required gaskets for stock US Zenith-Stromberg carburetors. If you have SU carburetors (or Weber DGV's). I can supply the proper mounting gasket by special arrangement at no added cost.

The price of the kit is $130 US and has all the parts required to mount both carburetors in the stock dual carburetor configuration. Shipping is $10.00 US and will be sent US Priority Mail, insured. International shipping is possible by special arrangement.

Check out the installation instructions here.

Feel free to contact me through the website with any questions or special needs.