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Who are we? Why are we crazy enough to do this?


Project Goal:

Our goal is to build a database of Hutchinson DNA haplotypes that will allow the project members to determine possible relationships between themselves and between the various lines of Hutchinson families. With this goal in mind we are gathering as many Hutchinson data points as possible. If we are successful in establishing a core haplotype for each line of Hutchinson families then other Hutchinson researchers will be able to determine which family line is their heritage.



This is our hobby. We are contributing our time and efforts to this project for a lack of anything better to do. This project is non-profit. This project receives no compensation from any source. The Co-Administrators of this project receive the same benefits or discount from Family Tree DNA as do any of our project members.

This project was started January 25, 2003 when Roy Hutchinson, member 6517, was the first Hutchinson to order a DNA kit from Family Tree DNA. When Roy lamented to FTDNA that there was no project to join so he could get a project discount Bennett Greenspan of Family Tree DNA said, "Would you like to start one?" Thinking slowly, Roy said, "Yes". Very soon after this Richard S. Hutchinson, our co-administrator ordered a kit.

Richard gives his reasons for joing the group, "My reason for becoming involved with, and learning a little more about DNA testing, was to fill that need "to know" that everyone has in them. I think everyone is interested in their past and has that little, partially hidden, nagging want - where did I come from?  Who was my ancestor and who was my oldest ancestor?  What am I - English, Scotch, or Irish?  And, for me in this period of my life, it is the DNA testing that has answered some of these questions. I still hope for that "great breakthrough."  And, thanks to some of my DNA testing, I have found that I am 92% European and 8% Native American." 

So here we are, some 100 plus members strong and still going. We have members from the US, Canada, England, and Australia. We have Hutchinson's, Hutcherson's, Hutchison's, and Hutcheson's. Still looking for a Hutchenson.

And strangely enough, the most common nickname in the group is Hutch.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us. We would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions please ask. We will get you an answer or direct you to someone who can help.

We really do believe that this is a valuable effort and will be of great service to future genealogical researchers. So accept our invitation to join the project. You are especially needed if you have a well researched family line. Join the project and establish the DNA for your line to help other researchers along their journey.

Thanks for visiting!

Roy Richard

Roy (obviously an old picture. Color
of hair is now a memory.)



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