Raspberry Mittens

Materials: about 2 oz each of main color (MC, light pink) and contrasting color (CC, dark pink) worsted-weight wool.

Gauge: 6.25 sts = 1 inch in stranded pattern.

The main part of the mitten is laid out in standard Norwegian style, with the front and back of the mitten 21 sts wide and the striped edges 3 sts wide (grayed squares on chart). I did a "sore thumb" thumb instead of a palm thumb because I find the stick-out thumb more comfortable (and easier to do, if you must know).

The Pattern in Words

Cast on 36 sts. Work 1x1 rib in color A for 2 inches or desired length of cuff. Increase 12 sts evenly (M1 after every third st) to 48 sts. Begin chart A. The thumbs start with the center st of what will be the striped edge after the thumb gusset is done. Work thumb gusset (chart B) as follows: first row, increase on each side of center st. Second row, work even. Third and all subsequent odd-numbered rows, increase at each end of thumb sts, keeping colors correct. Continue until you have 19 thumb sts, then put thumb sts on holder and inc 1 over gap. Work striped edge above the thumb as on the other side of the mitten. Continue until mitten is desired length from cuff (mine are about 6 5/8 in). Begin decreasing both sides of the mitten as shown on Chart C, continuing to alternate colors in the st between the decreases. (You can start decreasing anywhere in the main pattern.) When 3 sts remain as shown on the chart, sl1-k2tog-psso, leaving one st remaining, then k the two edge sts together, then k the two remaining sts together. Thumb: Release thumb sts, work to end and pick up 5 sts from mitten, continuing to alternate colors. Work thumb to 1/2 inch less than desired length. Decrease and bind off.

The Pattern in Pictures