Behennah Family Tree

Majority of Family members reflected in this family tree were born and raised in Cornwall, England. Most of the family
members who are living today are still living in England.

Majority of the research for this tree was conducted by Arthur Behennah (on a different branch of this family not included in the
tree shown here). The author of this web page has converted much of his work into the diagram availabe at this link
and updated to reflect the branch of the Behennah family from the 19th and 20th century from which his wife, Angela Britnell, has descended.
You can contact the author of this page at the following email address -

You can download here the Powerpoint file of the diagram mentioned above.
If you do not have Powerpoint you can download this file to see the diagram.
          - Once it is downloaded just double click on the file.

Additionally you can download a Word file here with notes which are related to the large capital letters at the left and right
margins of the diagram.
If you do not have Word you can download the same information as an text file here.

If you have any corrections or updates to this tree please send an email with the information (no attachments to the email please).

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