Dr. Bion Pemberton Allen, of Oriskany, is one of the young physicians of Oneida county, who, by his thorough knowledge and conscientious methods, backed up by a large amount of native ability, has already taken an advanced place in the profession. He is abreast of the times in all the latest ideas and developments in the science of medicine, and brings to its aid a careful well trained mind. All these qualifications have contributed to the marked success which he has achieved.

Dr. Allen was born at Oriskany Falls, Oneida county, December 22, 1866. He was born and raised to manhood on his father's farm, and there imbibed the principles of industry and energy, which are as essential to a successful physician as to any other calling. He is a son of Emmet J. Allen, who has all his life been actively identified with the agricultural industry of the county. He too is a native of Oriskany Falls, being a son of James H. Allen, an old and prominent citizen of the county. The ancestry originally came from English stock and were among the early settlers in New England. Emmet J. Allen married Florence E. Holmes, daughter of Leonard and Betsey (Parlin) Holmes, of Oriskany Falls. They have five sons and three daughters, Dr. Allen being the second in order of birth. He was educated at the public school in Oriskany Falls and Fairfield Seminary. At eighteen he began teaching his first experience being in a district school in the town; then for one year he taught in the Union graded school in Oriskany Falls, and the following year was principal of the Westmoreland village school, By this time he had concluded to adopt the medical profession as his life work, and with that end in view entered the medical department of the University of Vermont, remaining there through one term. The opportunity for a more thorough education seeming to be better at the University of Pennsylvania, therefore he shifted to that institution in the fall of 1890, and spent three years there, graduating in 1893. After passing the New York State medical examination in June of that year he, in July following, went to Oriskany and entered into partnership with Dr. George R. Taylor, the leading physician of hat place. This partnership continued until November, 1894, when Dr. Taylor retired from the partnership and moved to Clinton, N. Y. This left Dr. Allen the only resident physician in the village, thus placing upon him a responsibility which many physicians of much longer experience would hesitate to assume. But his success has been achieved in this field which demanded skill and ability; and this has made him popular and esteemed by all who have come to know him. He is always courteous and obliging, with a kindness of heart so necessary to a true family doctor. Dr. Allen is an active member of the Oneida County Medical Society, and also the Medical Library Association. His portrait presented herein indicates a keen, earnest mind that will give his clientage the benefit of good judgment and honest service.

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