Harrison Lamb was a son of Silas Lamb, who came from Massachusetts in 1812. He resided for a short period in Otsego County, but finding the prospect there uninviting he concluded to push on further west. By means of the mode of travel of those days he made his way to Stockbridge, Madison County, where he settled and engaged at farming until 1836. He was a pioneer in the town of Stockbridge and was one of the foremost citizens in developing and aiding in the progress of his adopted town and county. He was descended from English stock and his immediate ancestors had resided a sufficient time in New England to endow him with traits of industry and frugality, and these coupled with good management contributed to his success in his chosen field of work. In 1836 Mr. Lamb removed to Scriba, Oswego County, where he lived until his death in 1857.

He married Lucene Pratt, also a native of Massachusetts, who shared his hardships and devoted her energy to the bringing forth a successful result. She died on the same day as did her husband, and they went to their final rest in the same grave. Harrison Lamb, the subject of portrait, was the fifth child in a family of ten, and was born in 1813. He received his education at the common schools of Stockbridge, and when his school days being ended he apprenticed himself to a clothier, of whom he learned the trade of cloth making. After learning his trade Mr. Lamb engaged in the business of cloth manufacture at Saloam, Madison, and continued in that line until he was thirty years of age. He then bought a farm in his native town which he carried on with marked success until 1880. At that time he retired from active work and removed to Oneida Castle, where he now resides. While a resident of Madison county Mr. Lamb was prominent and earnest in all matters pertaining to the advancement and improvement of his town and county. He has always been held in the highest esteem by all who have had his acquaintance. Mr. Lamb has been married three times, his third and present wife being native of Lenox, Madison County, where she was born in 1829. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Fox. She married a Mr. Bridge, who died some years prior to her marriage to Mr. Lamb in 1880.

Mr. Lamb has three children, two daughters and one son. His daughter Harriet E. married J. F. Holdridge, now living in Stockbridge, and Mary A. married J. F. Morrison, a prosperous farmer at Sherrill, Oneida County.

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