NEAL, MORRIS M., was born in Whitestown, N.Y., in 1824, and came to New Hartford with his parents when one year old. His father, William Neal, was born in the town of New Hartford, Litchfield county, Conn., February 18, 1797, and died January 14, 1832. His mother, Mary Moore, was born in Whitestown August 2, 1803, and died June 21, 1882. His parents were married November 9, 1823. His paternal grandfather with his family came to this State about 1794 and settled in the southerly part of the town of New Hartford (then the town of Whitestown), about one and a half miles northeasterly of Paris Hill. His maternal grandfather Moore and wife came to this town (then Whitestown) and lived for a time on the premises purchased by her father, Benjamin Merrill, who came to Whitestown in 1790 and purchased a quarter section located on the highway from Utica to Bridgewater one mile north of Sauquoit and near Chadwick Mills Cotton Company; this farm was purchased by Benjamin Merrill for his son Zenas, who came in 1791 and began clearing; he died in 1793, and his father sold out in Connecticut and moved on to the farm in 1794. Morris W. Neal was reared on a farm, and now resides in a house which was erected in 1794; and it is a notable fact that his grandmother traveled through Utica when it consisted of only three log huts. In 1868 Mr. Neal married Sarah Patchin of Paris. (p. 148) [Top]

NEASKERN, JOHN, was born in Augusta, Oneida county, June 9, 1828, son of Henry and Nancy (Utman) Neaskern, natives of Schoharie county, N. Y., who settled in Augusta in the early twenties, where the father engaged in farming, and died in the town of Paris, aged forty-seven years. John Neaskern was reared in Oneida county, and is a basketmaker by trade, and with the exception of five years that he lived in Osceloa, Lewis county, has resided in Western since 1842, where his principal occupation has been farming. In 1849, he married Sarah D., daughter of Abraham and Nancy (Vandawalker) Fox, of Western, by whom he has five children: Charles H., Melissa J., Nancy (Mrs. Melvin Capron); Melva (Mrs. J. C. Stannard); and Lizzie S. Mr. Neaskern was in the late civil war, enlisting in 1861, in Co. I, 81st N. Y. Vols., and was honorably discharged from the service on account of disability in April, 1862. He is a member of the M. E. Church, and in politics is a Prohibitionist. (p. 21) [Top]

NEEJER, JOHN H., was born in Remsen, now a part of Forestport, in 1852, son of John Neejer, who was born in Germany in 1814, one of five sons, Henry and John (twins). George, Michael. and Philip, all of whom came to the United States when young men. John Neejer was a hotelkeeper in Boonville, where he removed in 1885, and there died. At one time he was very prosperous, but lost it all through indorsing [sic] notes for others. He married Dorothy Burgman, of Germany, by whom he had these children; Sarah, Lena, John H., and Elizabeth. Mrs. Neejer died in 1866. John H. Neejer was educated in the Boonville Academy, and when twenty years of age began for himself, following various occupations, for a time working at lumbering winters and in a saw mill summers. In 1885 he engaged in the meat and produce business in Forestport, where he has established and controls a large trade. He also owns 300 acres of land, fifty of which he uses for general farming purposes and the rest for grazing, having about 100 head of sheep. Mr. Neejer is a member of the Masonic fraternity, of which he is secretary. In 1883 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Jones, of Wales. (p. 208) [Top]

NELBACH, JOHN, was born May 2, 1826, in Cologne, Germany, and learned the trade of cabinetmaker in his native town. He served as a soldier for several years, both before and after the revolution of 1848, and was promoted corporal. In 1853 he came to America and settled in Utica where he followed his trade until the fall of 1854, when he engaged in business on Genesee street, being one of a corporation of eighteen members called the Union Cabinet Association. He was at various times its secretary, treasurer, and vice-president. Six years later eight of the members retired, and the other eight continued under the same firm name until 1871, when the business was discontinued. This company manufactured and sold furniture and cabinet ware, and also conducted an undertaking establishment. In 1871 Mr. Nelbach and his brother, Peter J., as Nelbach & Co., established a similar business and carried it on until 1876, when the firm dissolved and divided the stock. John Nelbach then started his present business in Fayette street. He manufactures and deals extensively in furniture and also does undertaking. He is a member of the Germania Industrial Trial Association, and has several times been its president. He is also a member and was formerly president, secretary, treasurer, etc., of the Remmer Catholic Benevolent Society, is president of St. Joseph's Benevolent Society, and is ex-president of the Sovereign Association. He is a Democrat and was supervisor of the Sixth ward two years, and was a member of the building committee of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic church. He is also a member of St. Bonaventure's Society of St. Mary's church, and a prominent supporter of the foregoing and other institutions. June 11, 1853, he was married in Cologne, Germany, to Barbara Deinman, and they have four children: Gertrude (Mrs. Inatz Schoeller), John N., Charles B., and Christina (deceased). The two sons are associated with their father. (p. 223-224) [Top]

NELSON, WILLIAM H., MD., was born in the town of Westmoreland, Oneida county, N. Y., April 25, 1830, son of Elijah P. Nelson, who was born in Stillwater. The grandfather, Moses Nelson, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was an eye witness of the murder of his mother by the Indians. Elijah Nelson married Mary, daughter of Joseph Wallace of Rome, formerly of Rensselaer county. They had three children; George W., MD., Mary E. and William H. The latter began reading medicine with Dr. J. V. Cobb, of Rome, and later graduated with honor from the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia, Pa. In 1857, he began practicing in Taberg; where he is at present time. He married Mary L. Wheelock, by whom he had three children; Charles W., a farmer; William W., a doctor, a graduate of the University of the City of New York; and Stuart W., also a graduate of that institution, now a physician in the Kings County Hospital. Dr. William H. Nelson was acting assistant surgeon in the late war, and supervisor of the town of Annsville in 1874, '78, '84, '88, '89. He is a member of the N. Y. State Medical Association, American Medical Association and the Oneida County Medical Society. (p. 56) [Top]

NEWELL, GEORGE S., was born in the town of New Hartford, N.Y., in 1840, son of Abel Newell, who was born in 1800. Abel Newell died in 1861 in the house built by his grandfather, Theron Newell, long before the beginning of this century, and the family taking an active interest in all local affairs, had much to do with the development of the town. George S. has been engaged in farming, and owns a dairy farm of 130 acres. In 1866 he married Elizabeth Roberts, who died in 1879, leaving two sons: George A. and Charles O. In 1885 he married his present wife, Sarah J. Roberts. (p. 221) [Top]

NEWTON, FRANK J., was born on the homestead in the town of Verona, N.Y., October 1, 1862, and was educated in the common schools and Cazenovia Seminary. He was bookkeeper and shipping clerk in the glass factory five years, and afterwards carried on a meat market in Durhamville five years, but is now a farmer on the old homestead in Dunbarton. December 25, 1884, he married Mira A. Mills, of the town of Lenox, Madison county, by whom he had four children: Harry M., Minnie M., Howard F., and Fred W. James K. Newton, father of Frank J., was born in this town, October 9, 1819, and was educated there. He followed the canal for six years, but later engaged in farming. He married Martha Jordan, of Boonville, N.Y., by whom he had three children: Theresa, Melissa, and Frank J. Mr. Newton died February 6, 1888, and his wife February 20, 1885. Mrs. Newton's Father, Nathan Mills, was born in the town of Grafton, Rensselaer county, March 17, 1831. He was educated in the common schools and came to this county when a young man. He married Angeline Manchester, of the town of Lenox, Madison county, and they have five children: Mira A., Minnie L., George E., Hattie A., and S. Emma. (p. 332) [Top]

NICHOLAS, HENRY, M.D., was born in London, England, October 28, 1826, son of Robert and Jane Nicholas, who settled in Oneida county in 1833, first in Utica, where Mr. Nicholas worked at shoemaking a few months, and then in Whitestown, where he followed farming. Henry married Rhoda Ann, daughter of Daniel and Nancy Redway, and they have two children: Elbert J., deceased, and Annie R., who is the wife of Frank A. Whittemore, and to them have been born six children: Ola A., wife of C. D. Sole; Elbert Nicholas, Hattie, Carrie Estella, Clarence F., and Hattie M., deceased. Henry attended Hamilton Academy, and the Monroe Academy of Elbridge, and then studied with Dr. Hiram Hoyt of Syracuse. He was graduated from the Geneva Medical College, and commenced practicing in North Bay in 1856. He is a member of the Oneida County Medical Society, the Vienna F. & A. M. Lodge No. 449, and of the Baptist Church. He has been town clerk two years, and twice represented the town in the Board of Supervisors. (p. 22) [Top]

NICHOLS, CHARLES F., M.D., was born in Milton, Sussex county, Del., June 8, 1865, son of Captain Charles and Susan Nichols. Charles is captain in the navy, which he joined about forty years ago. Charles F. was graduated from St. John's College at Brandywine, Del., in 1881, after which he took a medical course at Baltimore University, served two years in the University Hospital, and was graduated in 1886. In 1887 he located at Vienna, where he has practiced to the present time. He is wholly a self-made man, public spirited and actively interested in educational affairs. He is a member of Sylvan Beach I.O.O.F. and encampment at Oneida. In the subordinate lodge, I.O.O.F., he has held all the offices in the gift of the lodge. Mr. Nichols married Elizabeth, daughter of Albert and Nancy Cook, by whom he had one child, Albert Cook. (p. 282) [Top]

NICHOLS, DEXTER E., was born in Vienna, March 5, 1848. His grandfather, Allen Nicholls, came here from Vermont about 1798. John H., father of Dexter E., married Catherine Yager, by whom he had three children: James R., Elnora, and Dexter E. Mr. Nichols married for his second wife Margaret Seaton, by whom he had six children: Theodore M., Marcella, Hattie, John, Nellie, and Nettie. Mr. Nichols has always followed farming, and was interested n educational and religious affairs. He enlisted in the 81st N. Y. Vols., and was active in recruiting his regiment. Dexter E. married J. Eliza, daughter of John B. and Emma Ann Halstead, and they have one adopted child, Sarah. In early life Dexter E. attended school at Utica and at Whitestown Seminary, after which he taught school eight years; was engaged in selling musical instruments and sewing machines five years. In 1883, he started in general merchandise and has been town clerk two years. (p. 64) [Top]

NICHOLS, GEORGE A., was born in Kirkland, February 26, 18 5, [sic] on the homestead which was cleared by his ancestors, and has been handed down for five generations. His great-grandfather, Jacob Nichols. purchased this property at a low figure, and he could have purchased the land at the same price where the village of Clinton now stands. His father, Cyrus Nichols, married Mary, daughter of Capt. Chester Parmelee, who served in the war of 1812, by whom he had three sons: C.P., R.L., and George A. George A. Nichols was educated in the district schools, and is owner of the farm purchased by his father in 1860, and where his father died in 1891. He married Sarah Armstrong of this town, who died December 16, 1890. He married for his second wife Mrs. Flora Searles, of New Haven, Oswego county, widow of Herbert Searles. She had one daughter, Lena, who was married to Wm. C. Burhans, of Oswego county, January 23, 1895. (p. 82) [Top]

NICHOLS, HENRY, was born in Winters, Holland, in 1845, son of Christ Nichols, who came to America and settled in Forestport in 1857, and followed various occupations spending the remaining days with his son. He married Anna Oonk, by whom he had eight children: John, Garrett, Hannah, Jennie, Henriette, Catherine, Dora, and Henry. Mrs. Nichols died in January, 1881, and he died May, 1886. Henry Nichols at twelve years, began at common labor, and by his industry and integrity, has made himself what he is; he at eighteen, learned the turner's trade, which he followed until he was twenty-five, when he engaged in the lumber business, purchasing his present farm of 300 acres and saw mill of about 1,000,000 feet of yearly capacity. He now owns between 6,000 and 7,000 acres of timber land, all of which he has obtained through his own exertions. He devotes one of his farms to dairy produce, keeping about forty-five cows, besides others stock. In 1892, he erected the Adirondack and St. Lawrence Hotel at White Lake, and which he now rents. He was elected four successive terms as commissioner of highways, and is a member and one of the trustees of the Masonic order, and has an interest in the Masonic Hall in Forestport. In 1875, he married Sarah Stell, who was born in Forestport, a daughter of Philip and Lena Stell, of Germany, and they had three children: Albert, who died at the age of fourteen; George who died at the age of twelve, and Lena. Mrs. Nichols died in 1885, and he married for his present wife, Sarah E., daughter of Zara and Mary J. Putney, of Forestport, by whom he has two children: Edith and Arthur. (p. 22) [Top]

NICHOLSON, WILLIAM, was born in Westmoreland, N. Y., September 2, 1822, son of John and Elizabeth Nicholson. John Nicholson was born in Cambridge, Washington county, July 29, 1788, and came to Westmoreland May 6, 1811, where he was one of the early settlers In the northeast section of the town. He was a surveyor and farmer, and surveyed the roads and a large part of the adjacent territory. He was assessor of the town, also supervisor, and a mall noted for his high principle and strict integrity. William Nicholson has always been a farmer, owning and conducting the farm that was owned by his father, and partly cleared by both father and son. William Nicholson married Mary Julia, daughter of John Green, of Deerfield, by whom he has one daughter, Anna G. John Green's father, also named John, was one of the earliest settlers in Deerfield, and one of the pioneer brickmakers of the county. (p. 290) [Top]

NOLTON, CHARLES F., was born on the farm where he now resides, September 14, 1847, son of Daniel and Angeline Nolton, who came from Fairfield, Herkimer county, N. Y., about 1834. Daniel Nolton married Catherine Burrill, by whom he had six children: Henry, Mary, Catherine, George, Daniel and Jennie. He married for his second wife, Angeline H. Fox, by whom he had three children: Clara, Julia and Charles F., also one adopted child, Robert C. Mr. Nolton was a public spirited man and contributed liberally to education. He donated the bell on the chapel of Hamilton College, and was also a worker and liberal supporter of the church. Charles F. married Mary, daughter of John Pattingill, by whom he had two children: Frank P. and Julia. His second wife was Mary, daughter of Christian Nieman. He is a member and trustee of the Holland Patent church, and is also actively interested in educational affairs. His son Frank is now attending Hamilton College, at Clinton, N. Y. (p. 217) [Top]

NORTON, ADELBERT E., was born in Vernon Center August 22, 1866, son of Eben A. Norton, also a native of Vernon Center, who was born January 16, 1836, who has been engaged in the milling and lumber business, and is now interested with his son in the manufacture of spring bed frames at Augusta, N. Y. He married Emma J. Hartwell, who was born at Sangerfield October 23, 1831. Adelbert E. Norton attended the Vernon Center School, also the Clinton Grammar School, and upon the completion of his course returned home and at once became interested in the saw mill and lumber business. In January 1890 he bought the saw mill and factory, established more than eighty years ago, at Augusta, and has since conducted it under the firm name of A. E. Norton & Co. Mr. Norton married Alma J. Westcott, a native of Augusta, who was born March 9, 1865, and by whom he has two children: Ethel A. and Ina E. Mr. and Mrs. Norton are both members of the Augusta Center Presbyterian Church. (p. 125) [Top]

NORTON, MRS. E. A., is the widow of the late G. P. Norton, who was born at Cheshire, Conn., in 1817, where he was a clockmaker. He came to Leyden in 1840, where he erected a saw mill and cheese box factory. In 1874 he came to Boonville, where he engaged extensively in the manufacture of sashes, doors and blinds. In 1864 he married Mrs. Eliza A. (Roberts) Dowd, widow of James Dowd. She had four children: Ellsworth, born in 1866, and died in 1870; Lizzie, born in 1868; Roscoe George, born in 1870; and John Arthur, born in 1874. (p. 251) [Top]

NORTON, ORLO B., was born in the town of Vernon, Oneida county, N.Y., July 11, 1832, son of Florris Norton, who was born in Connecticut in 1793, and who was one of the earliest settlers in the town of Vernon, coming to this town when only eleven years of age. He married Elizabeth A. Curry, who was born in Banger, Me., July 22, 1806, and died September 30, 1891. Mr. Norton died February 26, 1876. Orlo B. was educated at the Vernon Center school, after which he returned to the farm where he remained until the war broke out, when he enlisted in the 14th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, but was subsequently transferred to the 6th Heavy Artillery, and served until the close of the war. In 1865 he bought the farm upon which he is now living, and February 13, 1868, he married Edna A. Edgerton, of Waterville, who was born November 13, 1835, daughter of Guy and Esther K. Edgerton. Mr. and Mrs. Norton have four adopted daughters. Mr. Norton is one of the largest farmers in the town of Vernon, and has always been identified with the town's best interests. (p. 153) [Top]

NORTON, PETER J., is a native of Schleswig, Germany, where he was born January 26, 1858. His father was also a native of the same place, having been born in 1825, and died in 1870. His mother, also a native of the same place, was born in 1827, and died in 1866. Peter J. attended the school in his native town until he was fourteen pears of age, and soon after the death of his father came to America and settled at Oriskany Falls, where for two years he attended the public school. He was then employed on a farm for three pears, after which he engaged in the hotel business. In 1855 he built the Madison House at Oriskany Falls and conducted it for seven years; he then sold the hotel and bought a farm adjacent to the village; in the same year he purchased the Sargent House, and now conducts both farm and hotel. April 22, 1885, he married Mary Eustice of Oriskany Falls, by whom he has three children: Lois J., born March 17, 1888; Harry J., born July 31, 1892; and Mary, born February 15, 1894. (p. 287) [Top]

NORTON, SAMUEL D., was born in Vernon, near the place where he now lives, February 12, 1843. His grandfather settled in the town in 1807, when Philo Norton, father of Samuel D., was seven years of age. They had immigrated from Connecticut, and settled near what afterwards became Vernon Center. Philo Norton married Emily Bartholomew, who was born in Vermont in 1804, but who was then a resident of Augusta, and she died at Vernon Center in 1881. Mr. Norton devoted his life to farming, and in which he was one of the foremost in the town. Samuel D. attended school at Vernon, and at the Whitestown Seminary, and has since been engaged in farming. He has for several years held the office of justice of the peace. He married Mary M. Tracy, a native of Vernon, and daughter of Samuel D. and Emily J. Tracy. She was born September 11, 1849, and received her education at Vernon, and the Home Seminary at Clinton, N. Y. (p. 237) [Top]

NORTON, WILLIAM M., was born in Georgetown, Madison county, N. Y., November 24, 1840, son of Ezra and Margaret (Louk) Norton, natives of Chenango county, N. Y., and Western, respectively. His maternal grandfather, a native of Rensselaer county, N. Y. was a pioneer farmer of Western. Ezra Norton, father of William M., was a stone and brick mason and plasterer by trade. In 1851, he located in Western and worked at his trade until the breaking out of the civil war, when he enlisted in Co. G, 2nd N. Y. Heavy Artillery, and after tow years service died of brain fever in a Washington hospital. William M. was reared in Western from eleven years of age, and was educated in the common schools. He has followed various occupations, including clerking, boating on the canal, farming, merchandising, and since 1881, has conducted a tin shop at North Western. In 1873, he married Martha, daughter of John and Catherine (Casler) Van Buskirk, of Western. He is a member of the F. & A. M., R. A. M., and K. T., has been town clerk of Western and served as justice of the peace sixteen years. In politics he is a Democrat. (p. 22) [Top]

NUGENT, PATRICK F., was born in Ireland, March 17, 1845, learned the tailor's trade and came to America in 1863, settling in Utica. He followed his trade here as a journeyman until March, 1872, when he entered the employ of Griffiths, Roberts & Butler, wholesale clothing manufactures, and remained with them twelve years, having charge as foreman of the manufactory of Rockwell, Rhodes & Co., wholesale clothiers. In 1875 he married Mary E., daughter of Frank McHugh, of Utica, and they have four children: Agnes, Robert J., Thomas and Frank. (p. 350) [Top]

NUTT, ALBERT, was born in Floyd, August 2, 1842, son of Austin and Melinda Nutt. Austin Nutt was born in Floyd, in 1800, a son of David Nutt, who came here with his family among the early settlers. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nutt had nine children: John M., Austin, Portus, Hiram, Richard W., Edwin, Albert, Sarah, and Melvina. Albert Nutt married Annie, daughter of John O'Brien, by whom he has one child, Ella M. He is engaged in general farming and dairying. He has served as town collector. (p. 73) [Top]

NUTT, EDWIN, was born in Floyd near where he now lives, June 15, 1838, son of Austin and Melinda Nutt. He had two children: Clarence and May E., who married William Durkin, deceased. Mr. Nutt is a member of the Rome Grange, was its first master and continued as such every year but one; is also a member of the State Pomona Grange. He owns a farm of 246 acres but has lived retired for six years. (p. 185) [Top]

NYE, WILLIS C., was born at Galesburg, Ill., July 29, 1858, and at the death of his father in 1866 removed with his mother to Oriskany Falls. His father, Richard Nye, was born in Hubbardsville, Madison county, N. Y., in 1822. He was graduated from the Cleveland Medical College, and practiced that profession until his death. In 1855 he married Sarah M. Peebles, of Oriskany Falls, and soon after they removed to Galesburg, and Dr. Nye practiced medicine in Galesburg, Morris and Havana successively up to his death in the latter place. When twenty-one years of age Willis C. Nye went to Chicago and embarked as dealer in sand and gravel, the product of beds owned adjacent to the city. In 1893 he returned to Oriskany Falls and engaged in the lumber business under the firm name of W. C. Nye & Co., and in September, 1894, he entered into co-partnership with C. B. Keith, in the coal business at Oriskany Falls, under the firm name of Keith & Nye. (p. 287) [Top]