Patchwork Tree Skirt

Patchwork Tree Skirt

This craft is of AVERAGE difficulty. It is for those with some experience in sewing.

1 1/4 yds. 45"-wide unbleached muslin
2 1/2 yds. polyester fleece
sixty-four 6" squares in any assortment of red/green/white print or solid cotton or polyester-cotton fabrics
1 1/2 yds 45"-wide green (or red) cotton or polyester-cotton fabric
thread to match fabrics
embroidery thread to match fabrics
embroidery thread or fine yarn (for tying quilt)

(1/2" seams allowed)
1. Assemble the 6" squares in a pleasing combination as an 8-square by 8 square patchwork. Mark the center with a pin. Using the yardstick as a guide, mark a 20"-radius circle. Cut the circle out. Using the same center point, cut out a 6" circle at the center of the large circle. Discard the small circle. Cut once from the outer edge of the skirt to the center in a straight line.

2. Cut 2 pieces of fleece and one of muslin, using the patchwork skirt as the pattern.

3. Cut six 7"-wide strips from solid green (or red) crosswise from the full 45" width of fabric. Sew the short ends of the pieces together to make one continuous strip. Fold the strip in half, wrong sides together, lengthwise and press. Hem the short ends. Make a gathering stitch near the cut edge and pull the strip to fit the outer edge of the patchwork circle.

4. Baste a ruffle to the right side of the patchwork with a folded edge of the ruffle facing the center of the circle and cut edges even with the cut edge of the patchwork. Keep the hemmed ends of the ruffle 5/8" from the center-to-edge cut edges.

5. Place the muslin piece right side down on patchwork. Place the fleece on the muslin. Baste and sew all layers together 1/2" from the cut edges, being careful not to catch the hemmed ends of the ruffle in a seam. Leave a 5" opening in the seam for turning. Turn the skirt to the right side. Sew the opening closed.

6. Cut six 9" x 4" pieces of the same fabric as the ruffle. Fold each lengthwise and sew along one short and the raw long edge. Turn each to the right side and turn in the raw edge at the short end. Sew in pairs to the back opening of the skirt for ties.

7. Tie-quilt with thread or yarn through all layers at the patchwork-square intersections.