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Published: 2011-10-31

Rick Britto Releases a Contemporary Jazz CD “For Your Love”

     “For Your Love” featuring jazz saxophonist, Rick Britto is a Contemporary Jazz recording of all fresh and exciting originals songs for lovers to enjoy! The album covers many styles of Contemporary Jazz music crossing from R&B and Soul to Funk and Hip Hop even Reggae and Latin grooves which all make up the foundation of the recording.
     The recording features some of Rick’s dear friends from near and a far as guest artist throughout the album. Composer and producer, Nesta Talmadge from Caen, France, vocalist supreme, Joani Taylor from Vancouver Canada, composer and trumpeter, Jack Gomes and bassist, Ed Oliver both from my home town of New Bedford, MA.  more.....


Published: 2011-09-26



Self-produced artist Rick Britto brings a fascinating new concept to the music audience by offering them to grasp the concept of complex musical conversations in the form of intellectual music with his CD "Conversations with Eric & I" in addition to backing that up with producing a contemporary jazz CD "For Your Love" to show his musical versatility. more....


Published: 2011-08-13




Dueling saxophones help make Rick Britto's new album
among year's most unique releases


Rick Britto

It is, without a doubt, one of the most original jazz releases of the year. Conversations with Erik & I is a unique experiment, two saxophonists engrossed in discussion, one that is told through the sounds of the instruments. The gentlemen in question are Rick Britto on tenor sax with Erik Van Dam on tenor/alto sax. Together they argue through the outré sonic landscapes created by their playing or sometimes even chill with a laid-back groove. The results are provocative and never predictable, high-I.Q., edgy jazz at its finest.

Britto sat down for an interview to discuss his musical roots and how this revolutionary album was produced.

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Published: 2011 -07-08

New England saxophonist Rick Britto releases smart, refreshingly original album


July 8, 2011 (Boston, MA) Written by Robert Sutton.

Their words are conveyed through the language of their saxophones. Although open to interpretation, there's no denying the intellectual depth of their discussion; that can easily be sensed from the variety of tones that they express. Together they produce an electric charge in the air that hints at argumentation, mutual joy, or respectful disagreement.

Two saxophonists - Rick Britto and Erik Van Dam - have preserved their discourse on an album. Neither of the gentlemen speaks; instead, they allow their instruments to talk on their behalf. Britto and Van Dam have stumbled upon a refreshingly original and wonderfully challenging premise on Conversations with Erik & I.

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Published: 2011 -06-02

Passion and Jazz

by Ashley | June 2, 2011

I am a music recording artist who has performed with a number of well-known recording acts, a university/college music educator [who] teaches young children privately, and an accredited professional studio recording engineer/mixer/producer who owns his own record label, TrineArc Music."

Jazz music is his life and passion. Like an ardent lover,  Rick Britto plays his saxophone with gracefulness and precision to produce the magical sound of jazz. He does not just keep his talent to himself but shares it with his students, where he draws his inspiration. 

"I love music and I truly appreciate working with young people! I try to instill more than the ability to play an instrument! I believe if you treat young students with love and respect and give them a sense of the history of the music they are studying, they will immerse themselves in the learning experience with enthusiasm." 

Rick Britto prides himself as a full-pledged artist with several recorded CDs on the market. He has received numerous recognitions for his work.  Students who go through him affirm that his unique style and deep passion for teaching music makes their learning experience very meaningful and productive.

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