from Managers, Co-Managers, Direct Reports, Peers


Recommendations from Managers:


“Rick is thorough and dependable, always willing to go the extra mile.”

     Peter Moloney, Vice President, Progress Software


“Progress Global Support took on the daunting challenge of becoming an SCP Certified Support Organization. This required a great deal of management and direction. A core team of managers was chosen to drive the organization through the certification process. Rick was an integral part of the core team. He was responsible for following up with team leads to ensure that the project was moving forward, preparing the team leads to the official audit by performing mock audits and driving the teams to deadlines. The last responsibility was often the hardest, as he was dealing with team members who were higher in the organization – but that did not deter Rick. He was always professional, but did not back down. He understood that the deadlines that were set up were required for the successful completion of the certification. I am happy to report that the Progress Global Support team is now officially an SCP Certified Support Organization, and Rick was an integral part of this. I would recommend Rick for a position where he can lead a team.”

     Sue Purkis, Director, Global Customer Support, Progress Software


“Rick was an effective member of the production management staff. He was responsive, detail oriented and a solid leader of the group. He was an effective communicator, understood client requirements and the needs of those who worked for him. I highly recommend Rick.”

     Charlie Corr,

       Associate Director of Operations, Harvard University Printing & Publication Services


"Rick is respected not only for his interpersonal skills, but his ability to analyze and solve “crisis type” situations that continually arise in this business. Rick’s ability to make his department profitable was a definite asset to our agency, and I would highly recommend him to any organization that requires a professional manager that is results-oriented."

     Bill Cuccinello, Chairman, Allied Advertising Agency, Inc.


Recommendations from Co-Managers:

“Rick's focus and organizational skills were able to turn around a support team that was floundering when he joined Progress, resulting in improvement across the board and increased customer satisfaction.”

      Kirk Stepanian, Sr. Technical Support Manager, Progress Software


“Rick brings out the best in people by entrusting them with all the responsibility they can handle, with positive reinforcement, and as a role model. Rick successfully mentored me from individual contributor to team lead to manager. I have observed and worked with Rick on planning and coordinating, scheduling, education, internal and customer presentations, annual reviews, budget, and various other aspects of managing a large team handling several complex products. Rick is very professional, conscientious, and well organized. I've seen Rick in action during difficult challenges within the organization and with customers - he knows when things need to move, pulls people together, and gets the job done. I would welcome the opportunity to work closely with Rick again.”

      –Mike Ramnarine, Technical Support Manager, Progress Software


“Rick and myself have been part of the WW Technical Support management team at Progress Software. During the last 12 months we have been working together on a certification project where I could definitely see Rick's commitment and professionalism. He is rigorous and well organised, team player and reliable driven by success and customer satisfaction. Working with Rick has been a positive experience and I would gladly work with him again.”

     Jean Richert, Sr Manager – Technical Support, Progress Software


“Rick was a colleague of mine for 2.5 years at Progress Software Corp. He managed Technical Support Engineers and I was a Technical Account Manager. As a result I would often interact with him on behalf of customers when they had business critical issues needing an extra level of support. Rick was always very customer focused and was a pleasure to work with – even under extreme pressure. His ability to quickly grasp the business impact of the issue to my customer and then engage the appropriate resources in a timely manner were invaluable. It is without reservation that I recommend Rick Burnett.”

     Linda Hodgins, Sr. Technical Account Manager, Progress Software


“Rick is a certified Support Center Manager with expertise in internal and external support, relationship management, project and program management, training and operations. He is known for developing strong and diverse teams by taking the time to understand each person’s skill set and how those skills can be leveraged within the organization. Rick has proven to be a sound leader with effective communication skills.”

     Fernando Bonaventura, Sr. Manager, Sun Microsystems


“I worked as a peer manager with Rick at Sun Microsystems. Rick was a very disciplined manager who expected the best from the engineers he managed. Rick was a professional and was also very interested in continuously learning. He had a real passion for continued improvement and learning on a personal and professional level.

Very organized, passionate, and curious.”

     Michael Fay, Technical Support Manager, Sun Microsystems


“I worked as an afterhours CSM during the entire time that Rick worked at Sun. I was responsible for the afterhours management of Rick's off shift engineers. I worked with his engineers and handed over issues that came up overnight, that requred Rick's attention during the day. My contact with his engineers, and with Rick directly, allowed me to observe the positive impact Rick had on his reports, and the conscientious and professional approach Rick took to his people, his job and Sun's customers, every minute of every day.

He is a pleasure to work with.”

     Chuck Mackean, Customer Services Manager, Sun Microsystems


“I had the pleasure of working with Rick at Sun Microsystems. Rick is a true professional, and I have the greatest respect for the way that Rick maintained his focus, while managing his team of engineers. Rick is a dedicated and results oriented manager. I would recommend Rick - a personable, extremely mature person who cares about excellence in his work, to anyone at any company, based on my experience.”

     Loretta Walsh, Customer Service Manager, Sun Microsystems


Recommendations from Direct Reports:

“Rick is a dedicated, vigilant manager who strongly values the opinions and concerns of his team members. Under Rick's guidance, I was able to develop the soft skills necessary to deal with a breadth of support cases and felt empowered to broaden my technical competencies. As such, I credit Rick with a great portion of my professional success and cannot speak enough to the impact of his leadership and experience on the team that he oversees.”

     John Farrell, Escalations Engineer, Intronis


“Rick is a fantastic manager and a real people person. He is genuinely interested in getting to know each and every member of his team. Once Rick learns about your interests, he finds ways to nurture them through engaging special projects and assignments. He's truly invested in helping you succeed, so he strives to clear any roadblocks in your path. The best part about Rick's management style though, is that he really listens to his senior employees and values their advice. Always agile, he's willing to implement new strategies and systems based on their feedback.”

     Evan Crean, Lead Engineer, Intronis


“Rick Burnett is the paragon of the ideal support manager. Rick brings over 20 years of expertise and experience to the table and exhibits efficiency, tenacity and passion in leading a support team. Rick has the innate ability to connect with his team members almost instantaneously, a quality that's often sorely missing from those in management positions. Rick is the manager you're looking for if you want motivated employees, and visible improvements in your team or department nearly immediately. I can't recommend Rick enough.”

      Benjamin Buday, Software Support Engineer II, Intronis

“Rick is a very detailed oriented manager. He likes to know everything about the team and products his team is managing. Rick is not a micro manager. He believes in empowering his team. To allow them to use their skill sets in order to resolve customer issues. As a Team Leader, it was refreshing to have a manager that could see the benefits of such a resource. He certainly made use of my skill set/talent for handling escalations while still allowing me to increase my technical skills.”

     Carol Osborne, Principal Technical Support Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick, is the kind of person that inspires respect as a manager, but that also makes you feel supported. Encourages team work and respect for other peers as well as the company. While working under Rick I felt tensions between peers significantly scaled down and empowered the team to reach their goals.”

     Hugo Loera, Principal Tech Supt Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick is one of the best managers I have ever met. He is perfectly organized, broad-minded, well educated, he always promotes skill building and emphasizes a customer first attitude.”

     Supriya Khandekar, Principal Tech Supt Engineer, Progress Software


“I had the pleasure of reporting to Rick in his role as manager of our technical support group. He brought many positive qualities to that position and I was very impressed by the level of professionalism, organization, dedication, customer focus, and planning with which he executed his role. Rick was always approachable, ready to take time and listen if anyone had questions or needed to discuss any issues. During group meetings he would guide the discussions, allowing all member to express their thoughts and opinions. He kept the discussions on topic and on track, concluding with proposed solutions, actions and next steps, delegated tasks, and notes of unresolved issues needing follow up. He led by example in showing respect for his coworkers and acted with assurance, fairness, and decisiveness in addressing any issues or tensions among team members. In addition to his responsibility as manager, he also took on the role of team coordinator for over two dozen teams working on various aspects of an aggressively scheduled unification and certification project. His organizational skills, direction, drive and dedication to getting the job done all helped to keep the project on track and ready on time. I would definitely recommend Rick - it was a pleasure working with him and I would gladly welcome the opportunity to do so again.”

     George Shrady, Principal Tech Supt Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick is one of the best people I've ever worked with. He's a very motivating manager who cares for his team members. He's excellent at getting all the necessary resources and training for his staff to deliver excellent results. Most of all, Rick is very approachable and a very good listener which are qualities you look for in a manager. I'd highly recommend him.”

     Gelila Kebede, Principal Tech Supt Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick is very dedicated to his work and his employees. He is detail oriented, but not a micro manager. He is fair, objective and approachable. I consider Rick one of the best managers I have reported to.”

     Paulo Lima, Principal Tech Supt Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick is an excellent manager. He is approachable and always willing to help the team members. He is detail oriented and makes sure the team members get adequate trainings to perform their jobs. I'd highly recommend Rick.”

     Shirish Dandge, Principal Engineer, Progress Software


“Excellent Manager with extensive enterprise knowledge and vision to drive global initiative companywide. A manager I found helpful and available all the time.”

     Rungang Mo, Engineer, Progress Software


“Rick is an excellent manager. He is fair, understands his employees, and very helpful. He helped me a lot with areas that I am weak in, and his advice went a long way. It was a pleasure to work for Rick, and I would highly recommend him as an productive and experienced asset.”

     Barney Shane, Technical Support Engineer, Progress Software


“I reported directly to Rick when I joined Sun right out of school. I was making my transition into the "real world". I owe a lot of my success to Rick. He had great patience and dedication to not only make me a better Technical Support Engineer but also a better person. His guidance and leadership were very important to me and laid the groundwork for my growth at Sun.”

     Jeff Rutman, Technical Support Engineer, Sun Microsystems


“Whenever I had issues with equipment I knew i could call on Rick to help me resolve my issues. His responses were always in a timely manner and he had great followup to resolve issues. I would recommend him for any career path he chooses.”

     Michael Hojnacki, Technical Sales Support


Recommendations from Peers:

“Working with Rick has always been a positive experience. He is a great asset to any organization that he has communications with, demonstrating a level of dedication, and attention to detail that allowed him to be successful with all interactions of the Engineering group as well as the Services Group. I would gladly work with Rick again.”

     Rick Sharland, Senior SQA Engineer, Kronos Inc.


“I had the pleasure of working with Rick at Scitex for a number of years. Rick is an incredible go-to guy, who brings a plethera of unique talents to the table. Rick was exceptional in directing and flawlessly executing some of the most difficult advanced technical support issues you could encounter. He has the ability to see the big picture and consistently meet and even exceed client expectations. Rick was extremely well respected by all clients, our team, the executives and all cross functional teams who worked with him. This was especially true of our R&D team in Israel who at many times specifically requested him as part of their troubleshooting and testing team. Rick has great energy and enthusiasm and was a top notch talent to work with! He would be a true asset to any employer!”

     John Paduchak, Product Manager, Scitex


“It was my pleasure to have worked with Rick Burnett in the early period of his career, first as a client, then as a colleague. It was my role to train the staff at Harvard Office of the University Publisher on a newly purchased typesetting system. Rick's managerial skills facilitated the training. I moved on to another company, Scitex America (later Creo/Scitex), and recommended Rick for a position in Customer Support. In this capacity he was a reliable team member, able to guide customer issues towards the best outcome. I have always been impressed with Rick's ability to build on prior knowledge and organizational skills, and grow into any environment. After I left the company I was happy to hear Scitex had made the right choice in promoting Rick to Technical Support Manager. It is my opinion Rick Burnett would be an asset to any organization looking for a strong, competent manager.”

     Jodie Kain, Applications Specialist, Remote Support, Scitex America


“I worked and studied with Rick for two years at Scitex America. Rick is hard working, dedicated, has good technical skills and the man-management skills necessary to lead a group. Rick’s team members were always more than willing to go the extra mile for him when required. His department always performed above average and exceeded their required metrics on a regular basis. I have no hesitation in recommending Rick to any employer.”

     Mark Anderson, Senior Technical Specialist, Scitex America Corp.


“Rick is a no nonsense guy with a particular talent for directing and focusing junior staff.

He has a demonstrated ability to work with new technologies and both understand and communicate them.”

     Allan Morrison, Tech Support, Scitex


“Rick is a very effective listener, he helps others to improve themselves and has always been available to answer any question no matter how trivial. He is always on an even keel and if presented with an issue that can’t be fixed on the spot, he researched and responded in a very timely manner. I appreciate Rick’s fairness and honesty, he’s a straight-shooter, if he has an issue he’ll be very up front with the employee. Rick always makes himself available to listen and provide guidance for any and all concerns his team had both professionally and personally.”

     Steven Grossman, Applications Specialist, Scitex Israel


Richard Burnett