The National Geodetic Survey provides the control for all georeferenced mapping. The HomePage link provides a front door link to a host of products and services this agency provides. Besides providing quick access to horizontal and vertical benchmark control data, the NGS also provides access to additional control data, Geodetic PC software programs and Information to obtain their numerous technical publications.

Data Sheet Links are provided for the benefit of GPS personnel in the field, as well as Geodetic Surveyors.

The State and Designation link provide quick access for upto 100 bench mark data sheets by the user-provided STATE NAME and DESIGNATION. DESIGNATION is generally the alphanumeric MARK which is stamped on the bronze disk of the actual benchmark.

The PID link provides quick access to individual data sheets when the 6-character PID number is known.

The Area link provides a search and retrieval of bench mark data obtained from user-provided Lat/Long coordinates.

TIP: To obtain a Lat/Long for a given place, those coordinates may be obtained from the U.S. Gazetteer link provided under the U.S. Census Bureau or from the GNIS link provided under USGS Sites.