The GeoDataBB link is a "barebones" extract of the USGS GeoData Web Page containing, primarily, the FTP download links. Links to existing DRG's available online have been added, as have links to software and utilities from which to view, manipulate and convert datasets in the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format.

The GeoData link is the Official USGS Web Page for SDTS Data Access. This link includes small samples of DLG, DEM and LULC data, links to the README files, Data User Guides and Master Data Dictionaries.

The EarthExplorer link provides access to an interactive website that allows users to search for available datasets, evaluate the data, generate reports, and order data online.

The GNIS link provides access to the Geographic Names Information System. This information system is fed by a database that contains nearly all the map labels tethered with location attributes. Links are provided therein, to perform online queries of the database, to FTP standard datasets, to access other country's databases. The standard datasets include state sets which have every labeled thing known to man, as well as a US Populated Places dataset and a Concise dataset. The concise dataset has designated all the county/parish seats for every state.


The DOQQ link goes to the DIGITAL ORTHO QUARTER-QUAD (Aerial and Satellite Photographic Imagery) PROGRAM Home Page

The DRG link goes to the DIGITAL RASTER GRAPHICS (Color Quadrangle Map Images) PROGRAM Home Page

The SDTS link goes to the SPATIAL DATA TRANSFER STANDARD Home Page where you can learn to be a friend of the SDTS format. Lots O' Docs!

The PUBLICATIONS link provides access to the USGS.'s excellent menu of the hows, whys, and wheres of maps. You can order your favorite publications with the order form and be sure to checkout the freebie stuff.