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Click for shocking 1997 photo! Marv Albert is not the only one!

News and Views (Updated 02/19/00)

See the new mega-repository of Richardson family photos.

Here are my kids. Abby is 6 ( Abby's Page ). Dylan is 7 ( Dylan's Page ).


I'm a novice woodworker. See some of my woodworking projects and free plans.

DVDs and CDs

I scanned the UPC codes on my DVDs and CDs to create the following databases.

Here's a list of my DVD collection.

Here's a partial list of my CD collection. About half of my CD's don't have UPC codes on them, and lots of them that do have UPC codes aren't in any UPC code database.


Here's a map of the Twin Cities area, a map to my house , and an aerial view of my house .

Free Stuff From Me

I have written the foo2zjs linux print driver for the Minolta/QMS Magicolor 2300DL network color laser printer. I got mine on sale for $600 from OfficeMax in Feb. 2003.

I also have written the untested foo2oak linux print driver for the HP Color LaserJet 1500.

Here's how to Install Redhat 8.0 on a Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103.

Here's LinuxTrade, a streaming, real-time quotes package (and more) for Linux.

Here's my collection of linux tools for geocaching, including: geo-nearest, a shell script to fetch the locations of nearby geocaches; geo-code, a shell script to geocode (convert) street addresses to latitude and longitude; and geo-waypoint, a shell script to enter a waypoint into a MySQL database. These tools are very handy if you have a GPS and the GpsDrive software.

Here's an expectk script called tkcid. Capture caller ID information and display it in a Tk message box with a button you can press to blow the caller off.

Here's a shell script called faxrunner. It lets you use the FaxRunner internet FAX service to send FAXes from Linux.

A set of cuecat tools for making a DVD database is here.

A collection of HTML tools for parsing HTML tables is here. The engine is htmltbl2db. Tools using the engine include: cnbc_last10, island_book, free_rtq, and ipo_upcoming.

The above package also includes instructions and tools for setting up Dynamic DNS using a Linksys firewall and public (free) DNS and Dynamic DNS services. Files for Dynamic DNS are: linksys_wanips, wget.patch, update_wanip, and dyndns.txt.

An Updated version of Top Gun ssh 1.2 is here. This one will connect to sshd servers with versions 1.5 thru 1.99.

Hook your Handspring Visor to a Qualcomm cell phone with these Instructions. Access the internet from anywhere.

Interested in home control? Get a copy of the source code for my x10 program (v1.13) and use your Unix computer to control an X10 CP290 Home Control Interface (last update: 12/12/99). Check out the comp.home.automation page for more info on X10 equipment.

Need a decent Unix lp model or lpr filter for an HP LaserJet? My hp4laser lp spooler model and lpr or LPRng printer filter is just the ticket. It supports almost all the fancy features of the HP LaserJet IV printers, including automatic detection and reliable switching between PCL and Postscript modes. It even puts cute messages up on the printer display. New! now includes hooks and sample scripts to automatically power up/down the printer using X10 home automation controllers.

Do you have an HP 4020i / Philips CDD2000 CD recorder that is getting Write Append errors when you write 500MB's or more? I fixed my drive by adding a second spring using these instructions .

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