Mission Style Tables

For our anniversary on 03/13/2000 I promised Kathleen a set of four Mission Style tables for the living room. I made a sofa table, two end tables, and a coffee table. I finished the set of four tables in August, 2000. The tables were finished with Cherry flavored WATCO Danish Oil.

Here are the pictures of the tables.

I drew up the plans for the end and coffee tables using QCad, a free, high quality, and easy to use CAD tool for the Linux operating system. There is also a low cost version for Windows.

Dartboard Cabinet

This project lay half-complete in my workshop for far too long. The cabinet has dual mounts for soft tip and steel tip dartboards; the change can be made in less than 1 minute. Here are the photos of the dartboard cabinet, and here are the rough plans. I kinda winged this one on the fly in the shop and didn't follow the plan. In particular, the dimensions and the joinery are different (note walnut keys in photo). The rough plans were drawn up January 3rd, 1998, but the cabinet was not finished until September 27th, 2003.


Here are some pictures of some of the power tools in my workshop. Here's a list of all of the power tools in my shop.