In today's fast paced environment, more and more families are finding stamp collecting as a great way to spend time together away from the television set, video games, and the internet. Young children are especially keen to learn about geography, history, and the world around them. Stamp collecting is a great way to introduce children to the many world cultures with an activity that is outside the classroom and the evening TV news. Once you start collecting together, you'll have years of building and sharing in common as you seek out new items to add to the collection together. You'll also find that there are lots of ways to start a fine stamp collection without spending too much money! You'll never be stuck with an obsolete game system or overpriced game cartridges again! And don't forget homework! Youll find there are stamps the compliment any book report, science project, or social studies assignment. Add a few stamps and grades will improve significantly!

Kids and parents searching for new stamps at the RI Philatelic Society 2004 Stamp Show.


The Seekonk Children's Stamp Club is part of the children's programs at the wonderful Seekonk Public Library. The kids meet on Saturday afternoons during the school year. The kids get a chance to build a US stamp collection, as well as trying their hand at topical stamp collecting. Other activities incude creating First Day Covers, event covers, and even Polar Philately!! The children also get the chance to build stamp exhibits and put them on display at the Rhode Island Philatelic Society's annual stamp show. Materials and registration are free for the children, however parents must contact the Children's Librarian to register. A link to the library site is provided below. The Children's club is supported by the Rhode Island Philatelic Society. Society members mentor and instruct new collectors on how to collect, display, and exhibit stamps and postal history. Stamps and materials are provided by generous donations from members and friends. Collecting supplies are provided free of charge to the kids!

If you are interested in donating materials for the kids, you can contact the RI Philatelic Society or bring the materials to the Children's Librarian at the Seekonk Public Library! Thanks in advance for your support!!

Seekonk Children's Stamp Club!!