Geocaching is a great new outdoor activity that utilizes a small GPS (Global Positioning System) reciever in order to play a high tech version of and Easter Egg Hunt. For a complete description of this new sport check out:

The kids club has it's own geocache that's out there waiting to be found. In addition to all the standard fun of a great geocache find, inside the cache are pre-addressed postal cards. The person who finds the cache takes a card and sends it back to the kids (hopefully with some creative input on the card!). The kids hope to build an on-line exhibit of returned postal cards with postmarks from many places.

Use these links for more info or to follow along:

The Seekonk Kid's Stamp Club, the Rhode Island Philatelic Society, and the Seekonk Library would like to thank the folks at and for allowing us to link the new sport of geocaching with the old hobby of stamp collecting. It makes for great fun!

Seekonk Children's Stamp Club Geocache!!