legendary IC-R9000 Quad-Conversion Receiver



















This photo below most accurately depicts the intensity of the bandscope.



The unit is really clean. The macro picks up the house dust. A featherduster will take it away.

This one below is an overall front photo for full effect.. but a bit washed. --It's hard to photograph this entire
monster head on. The keypad looks washed out from lighting reflection but it isn't. The photo that follows
shows that the keypad in perfect shape and generally a more accurate depiction of color shade and smoothness.






This next photo is the same one I cutout and put on the starfield background at the top. I'm a webpage
and photo hobbyist also.. and like to provide high quality images on the web, cutting no corners.
Maybe it will become famous?.. I'll re-arrange this as a tribute page to the R9000 after its sold.




The first 26 sec of the video was something I put on youtube back in 2006 with a quality videocam. The rest was spliced in today (Aug 13, 2010) on my cheapie panasonic digicam using video mode. All are random sampling to give an idea of the radio. Note the full audio range demonstrated by the bass/treble controls. This was through the built-in speaker in the video picking up on the digicam's mic. If you use an outboard 10"  communications speaker like a classic National model, it makes fantastic HI-FI sound with full deep bass and fidelity. Can't be beat.

  Video Link>>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kw4pT43VDo


My original 2006 YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yn9o6ZZEUA
It has received over 30,000 Views since it's been posted! 

I like this guy's video on his R-9000 also... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGr_UVoQUOM&feature=related
Many of these radios are currently in use by the US Govt.

--- The radio has been SOLD

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