Bomber, drastic cm Breyer PAM by SMB (1995)


Sparrowhawk, drastic cm Breyer CAS collaboration of a vintage Froelich, updated by Kuiper and Bainbridge


Shakira - cm Breyer PAM by Tom Bainbridge




Rihana - cm Breyer PAM by Hilary Schwafel






DE Nastaloopa- Drastic CM ISH by Karen Dunahee

Buck Stops Here, cm Stone Weanling by Patti Miller


Spotacular, cm classic QH stallion by Sheryl Leisure




Alada Fame, cm SM ?  by Lesli Kathman to a pinto half arab mare.


WBP Phoenix Rising, G1 ASB sm redone by Chris Jolly in 95, NAN 2008 Reserve champ


SS Music Man, G1 sm Morgan Stallion by Laura Behning, 2008 Reserve Champ cm morgan



Shafeeka, HR Small Zara repainted by Tom Bainbridge to a light dapple/flea bit grey. NAN 2005 Unanimous Champion CM Arab, 2006 Reserve Champ Cm Arab.



Champagne Supernova, drastic custom Stone ISH by Tiffany Hoffman. Performance horse extraordinaire!

MN Union Jack, HR Adelaide resin cast customized to a Zedonk by Michelle Belisle


5:00 Shadow - Custom NL Cob  by Ed Gonzales! He added fuzzy hair under the belly, in ears and under the chin, feathers, M/t, wrinkles and other details.   2002 NAN Champion CM Other Pure/Part Breed.


CM classic arab mare by Yvonne Davies


Mule Biscuit-  custom spotty Mule from the John Henry /Seabiscuit mold by Diane Capwell. 3 time NAN reserve champ 2008 performance.


3rd Partee Chex -  custom Stone Weanling by Diane Capwell.

Two Steppin Boogie -  custom Stone ISH by Diane Capwell.



Enigma - Diane Capwell Zorse from a trad PAF. NAN 2002 Top Ten in Halter. NAN 2005 Reserve Champ CM Longear/Exotic


Dress Blues

Capwell repainted/etched chips drafter

Button Pusher- Gimarro cm sm foal in baby bay

Tater Tot - Gimarro cm sm appy foal

Blue Suede Shoes, ISH repainted a soft Blue Slate Gruella by Sheri Rhodes. NAN 2005 Top Ten CM Paints



CE Eternity - older custom sm by Michelle Corn, still places well

Alroy - classic mustang stallion in bay roan by Hilary Schwafel


Beau, Traditional Stock Horse Foal drastic CM by Michelle Belisle Locke, NAN qualified in Halter - with Michelle being repaired