Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, mpd

Do you have Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder?  Are you a support person for someone who is dissociative?  Do you wonder if you have DID, or have other personalities within yourself?

You are not alone.  The intent of this site is to share ideas to cope with the variety of symptoms that we multiples contend with day in and day out.

Here are some previews of what you find inside:

Questions and Answers? Do you have questions about dissociation, how others deal with it, medication, therapy and more? 

Message board: We also have a message board so multiples and their support people can share their methods of coping and find support.  Be part of a community that understands dissociation.

Online Book: "I figured I would say everything as it was and see if this T could handle it. If she were scared of me, it was just as well to know it sooner than later." How successful will this new therapist be?  Read the final chapter of Deep Therapy in the Fast Lane, written by Restin Wells, to find out.

Read the encouraging stories submitted by my readers: a variety of coping skills, good memories and poems submitted by my readers and friends. 

My readers inspire me to write about lessons I have learned through therapy and life experience.  For instance, do you wonder whether you should tell people that you are dissociative? Check out my guidelines for disclosure.

My personal experiences:  Do you hear conversations within? Maybe they sound like one of mine.  How did I find out I had multiple personalities?  Check out the beginning of my journey, see if you can relate.

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My Introduction: Each of us is different.  Heck, when we look in the mirror we may see someone different.  But perhaps one of the things I hear the most from others diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder is how each of us feels a sense of purpose being able to help another person.  Just one of the things we have in common.

I have an excellent therapist and psych doc that have worked with me to find better ways of coping.  In this real world, I have had to practice and practice these new skills.   I have also learned a variety of skills from other multiples who have shared how they ride the roller-coaster and overcome depression, anxiety, fear and pain.

My site is dedicated to sharing the healthy coping skills you and I have learned and adopted.   Would you like to share your ideas?  Reflect on the milestones you have achieved.  Are you proud of the progress (big and small) that you have made?  Let me help you share your success with others.

Fill out the form and submit it.  You do not have to provide your name, but there is a slot for it if you want a little credit. (I know I take it where I can get it!)

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Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, mpd

I find this particular theme fitting.  Many multiples think of their healing process as putting the puzzle pieces together.  I found this theme at BordersnMore by Silverhair.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, mpd
Updated: September 04, 2006

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