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Ice Skating
Submitted by Barb

Oh, I do remember one Christmas getting Ice Skates. Not just plain ones, I got figure Skates. I don't recall if I had asked for them or not. But Christmas day we all went to the pond to skate and I skated like I had always skated. I could do all kinds of tricks and I got a lot of attention from outside people who praised me and thought I was good. That was nice. My mother was surprised I could even balance on them let alone do some tricks. After that I got in as much ice skating that I could.

People were telling my mother to put me into lessons and she just laughed. There was a rich girl in town who had been taking lessons for 4 years and I was skating circles around her. I was fearless.

Hmmm... thanks for jogging my memory banks.

Submitted by Incognito

Isn't it amazing how much the small things mean to us? I remember trees being my buddies as a child. I would climb them fearlessly and just spend the day hanging out with them. I think it is the beauty of the earth that kept us going when the ugliness of humans got to be too much.

I have really fond memories of Woolworth's when I was a kid.

I loved horses, so riding the mechanical horse outside the store was thrilling to me. I would, in those short moments, be riding the canyons and desserts and prairies with the cowboys, free and happy beneath the wide open sky.BS00612A.gif (1917 bytes)

With my allowance I would go in and look for some treasure to carry home. It might be a new Bobbsey Twins book or some of the new, clear marbles. Once it was a ceramic dog that looked just like the beloved pet who had recently died.

I remember walking around the store, looking over the low tables covered with merchandise. It seemed like a friendly place to me. I wish I could go back and find it still there.


Share Your Good Memories

Good memories often get lost and hard to find.   I remember one time trying so hard to find a good memory, something that would bring me happiness, only to find it twisted with unhappiness.

 Sharing good memories helps to unlock the happiness and to bring joy.  Won't you share yours? Click on my mail box to the right to submit one or two!

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Submitted by Callie

It really really helped the depressive ones who felt that nothing good did/could happen for us. They shared simple things, the joy of swinging, that became a system wide passion :); the joy of walking through a field alone with the sun shining and watching the critters; rescuing shrews from my family pup who thought they ought to play with her (they can easily have heart failure, I used to run and scoop up the little critter and croon to it all the way to the field). Those kinds of things, not *big* memories but happy things and things that showed I/we are not all "bad."



I do not claim to be a talented piano player; I can't actually keep beat.  I play because it reminds me of the lessons I was enrolled in the during the second grade.  I remember very little, but I do remember learning to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  I still have my music book that I pull out and practice on occasion.

I love music that is soothing or gives me a sense of hope.  I recently noticed that most of the music I really like is includes a piano. (Emily)

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