Thornton Family History

The Thornton family migrated from England to the Virginia Colony around 1660. In the next 200 years they traveled to North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri. The narrative on the following pages tells of their travels and life. It gives the history of the Thorntons and their relatives: written not with just names, dates, and locations but as a story to reconstruct a history of a family. The pages are divided into sections to ease loading time. You can begin reading on the first page or continue through or skip to the section that most interests you.
The photo below was taken around 1905 at J.C. Thornton's family farm in Clarksdale, Missouri.

The bearded gentleman who appears on each Thornton page is Jeremiah Todd Thornton, father of J.C. Thornton.



Nelson Family History

The Nelson Narrative is written in the same style as the Thornton Narrative with more emphasis on the story than family data. It traces Nelsons from Kirby Malham, Yorkshire, England to Stafford County in Virginia. They migrated to Missouri over the same route as the Thornton family. There are still some mysteries with family members, particularly with the Reynolds history. The below photo is Franklin Nelson's farm taken in 1929.

Kissiah Grant is pictured on the narrative pages.


Index to Thornton Family History

Beginning of the narrative:
Introduction, Looking for Luke in Virginia

John Thornton and Jemimah Longworth
Luke Thornton and Martha
The Owen Family
William Thornton and Patsy Owen
Migration to North Carolina
The Todd Family
Migration to Kentucky
Migration to Missouri
William Thornton and Sallie Todd
Home in DeKalb County, Missouri
Some Thornton families migrate to Oregon
Thorntons in the Civil War
The McConnell Family
Jeremiah Todd Thornton and Martha McConnell

The Redman Family
James Calvin Thornton & Anna Mary Redman


Index to Nelson Family History

The Nelson Family from Yorkshire to Virginia
Jesse & Anna migrate to Missouri
Some Nelson take the Oregon Trail
William Walker Nelson & The Mexican War and
Gold mining in California

William Walker Nelson & Kissiah Grant
The Boggess Family
The Hughes Family
John P. Reynolds
Laura Hughes Boggess & Franklin Nelson


Nelson Family Tree PDF

Thornton Family Tree PDF

Researchers in DeKalb County, Missouri has inventoried the memorial markers in the Thornton Cemetery, located in Clarksdale, Missouri. Here is a link to the site with the list of everyone who has a memorial stone and a photo of the stone.

Here is a link to a Redman family web site with genealogical information. I cannot find a connection to my Redmans but you might find some interesting information. Redmans in UK

Connie Barnam has a web page for her family with more information on the Thornton / Agee connection. Agee Family

Here is a web site that has many links to family histories.


If you think you are related to this Thornton or Nelson family, please email me the information on your connection.


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