Spring 2004 Crown Tourney Pics

by Maelgwn & Asbjorn

Preparing the List Field I
Preparing the List Field II
His Majesty Felix addresses the Competitors
The Marchalls of the Lists confer
Their Majesties watch as the Grand Procession approaches
The Grand Procession I
Their Majesties greet Lord Adler and Baroness Simone
Their Majesties greet Sir Kieran and Lady Briala
Their Majesties greet Baron Sir Munenori and Baroness Iasmin
The Grand Procession II
Their Majesties greet Sir Ivar and Lady Igrane
Count Sir Tarquin and Countess Aibhilin approach Their Majesties
The Grand Procession III
Their Majesties greet Earl Sir Brannos and Countess Rebekah
Countess Rebekah Mac Tiernan views the Listfield
Duke Sir Eliahu ben Itzhak confers with His Majesty
Earl Brannos faces off with Captain Ragnar Drakkarson
Sir Ivar battles Sir Nigel MacFarlane fiercely
Captain Oscad battles Sir Guerrich
Sir Dubric with his new Squire Guillaume
Baron Sir Munenori strikes at Serjent Adler
A Meeting of Vikings - Sir Ivar battles Lord Dirk
Sir Tarquin meets Sir Munenori upon the Listfield

The Finalists and Their Ladies prepare to meet Their Majesties
Their Majesties honor Baron Sir Kamiizumi Munenori and Baroness Iasmin de Cordoba
Their Majesties honor Earl Sir Brannos O'Irongardail and Countess Rebekah Mac Tiernan

The First Pass - Sword and Shield

The Second Pass - Glaives at Ready

Earl Brannos, Victorious, greets His Cherished Lady
Their Majesties call forthe Their new Crown Prince
Prince Brannos swears fealty to King Felix
King Felix crowns Prince Brannos
His Highness calls for His Lady
Prince Brannos crowns His Princess
His Majesty shows the populace the new scabbard for Oathbinder
Their Majesties are presented with gifts:
The Bounty of the artisans of the Barony of Roaring Wastes
are laid before The Dragon Throne
Feastocrats Sigrid and Kadlin supervise the kitchen staff
The kitchen staff prepare for the Crown Tournament Feast
The Dessert Platters are prepared
Subtlties of the Feast - The Midrealm Seal is captured in crystalline sugars
Subtlties of the Feast - The Midrealm Dragon loaf of bread
Subtlties of the Feast - An Abbey formed from sugar plate by Feastocrat Kadlin
Subtlties of the Feast - The Abbey (shown in scale to a softdrink can)
The beginning of a Feast of Springtimes Bounty:
Bread, hearty cheese, and fresh berries
Shields and Helms of Sugar Plate complete the colorful display

Gentlefolk begin to gather in the Feasthall