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All Games at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum

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Dirty Dog Teams 2014-2015          
  Navy   RED   Lt Blue   White
GM Alex Skaalerud GM Dave Feather GM Ron Flammang GM Rob Loucks
G Curt Peterson G Steven  Barnard G Ed Mackle G Jeff Dudych
1 Adam Heward 1 Andy Barrnett 1 Ben Reynolds 1 Donnie Brown
2 Chad Thompson 2 Buzz Paranello 2 Billy DuPree 2 Houston Sanders
3 Chris Nielson 3 Chester Reily 3 Brad Courteau 3 John Massey
4 Don Dehler 4 Colman Adams 4 Brad Hutchinson 4 John  Langley
5 Donnie Williams 5 Doug Yoakley 5 Chris Patterson 5 Kevin Swider
6 Ed McGinnley 6 Erik Geibig 6 Dan Miller 6 Marston Purhman
7 John Wilson 7 John Marshall 7 Jeff Lindsay 7 Matty Williams
8 John Patterson 8 Matt Hugue 8 Marc Blais 8 Mike Cullen
9 Josh Akwright 9 Patrick Doyle 9 Mike Murray 9 Skip Fatkin
10 Rob Link 10 Sam Ford 10 Rusty Ensor 10 Tag McCown
11 Ronnie Chaperone Jr 11 Tommy Morgan 11 Sean Mangan 11 Tim Sinasac
12 Steve Ryding 12 Ty Holden 12 Watkins McGlynn 12 Todd Purhman



The Coliseum has informed us that we are not allowed to have beer inside the coliseum or the locker rooms.   Please pass this information along to fans or other spectators.


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Kangaroo Court

No open cases


Playoff PTS Tie Breakers

1.    Head to Head
2.    Goal Differential
3.    Goals For
4.    Goals Against  
5.    Penalties Minutes  


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How would You - Make The Call

Being "The King" requires Sean to make a lot of tough calls during the course of a day.  For the guys that think they have what it takes, compare your answer to "The King" on these - tough calls.

1.  Who gets the fine:  

No Goalie at game.  The goalie- who knew he would not be at the game and made arrangements with another player to get a Goalie or the guy that lined up the replacement goalie that did not show?





The Knoxville Dirty Dogs is the premier Senior Men's Hockey League in the Knoxville Area
Established in 1986 Dedicated to providing safe, high-quality hockey for
us old farts that just can't give up the dream.

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Sean Mangan Webmaster - Rob Loucks

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