Technical Details about the Cabinweb weather site

This website provides unofficial weather information for the Lake Wenatchee community. The webcam and weather station are located at a cabin on the northwest side of the lake. The webcam points south and updates between sunrise and sunset. The weather information updates on the hour - technology, power and phone lines permitting. Please forward comments or questions to

1. Wireless Weather Station: Oregon Scientific WMR 968


Cabinweb uses a wireless weather station from Oregon  Scientific to collect the weather information displayed on the website. The wireless sensors measure wind, indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and rainfall. Cabinweb uses an additional wireless temperature sensor to capture lake water temperature.  The lake water temp and anemometer are mounted on the dock about 20 feet off shore.  The external sensors are solar powered with battery backup. The base station uplinks to an old laptop using a standard serial cable.

See Ambient Weather website at for a wealth of weather related products and information

2. Virtual Weather Station Software Program

Virtual Weather Station is a widely used software package for connecting your personal computer to your weather station and the Internet, allowing you to display, plot and store data for comprehensive monitoring and analysis. This also creates all the graphics (jpg’s), stores all the tabular data, and creates the templates for the website. The “Internet” edition manages the upload to a website on a schedule you set.  We use VWS advanced FTP features to send images, HTML pages and data files automatically to the Internet. The program can also send EMAIL alarms when conditions are out of range, and participate in the Weather Exchange Network of personal weather stations.

3. Webcam and Image Salsa Software

Cabinweb uses a Logitech Pro web-camera to capture the pictures.  “Image Salsa” allows you to schedule this at any increment you want.  Cabinweb takes a picture every 15 minutes, and stores it in a directory to be uploaded. The program takes the latest picture and posts it every hour on the hour to the website.

4. Website

“Virtual Weather Station” provides templates for the weather website that are then updated with the current data at any increment you specify.  VWS also schedules the upload of the template and the data to the specified website.  Cabinweb does this every hour on the hour using a dial up modem that connects to an ISP in Wenatchee and transfers the files to an existing Comcast web account that allows for FTP (File transfer).  The guestbook and counter functions are basic HTML programs provided by Comcast that have been added to the site, using Microsoft Frontpage.  The additional weather links have also been added using Frontpage.