Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement

for Florida

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Many nurses and the general public are misinformed as to the role of the Board of Nursing.  The Florida Board of Nursing major purpose is to protect the health consumers in the state.  They do not write legislation and the members are appointed by the Governor.  The Florida Senate and House must pass a bill and the Governor sign the bill for Florida to join the Compact License Agreement for Nurses.  However, the Florida Board of Nursing would be responsible for implementing and informing Florida nurses about the Compact State Agreement.  We must have the Florida Board of Nursing support.

 All the State Boards of Nursing in the Compact License Agreement meet at least once a year and are continually improving communication among their members.  The Compact Nurse License Agreement works like your driver’s license. You may be licensed by the State of Florida but if you are driving in Georgia you must follow the Georgia driving laws.  If your home state of nursing licensure is Texas (a compact state) and you are working as a nurse in Missouri (the newest compact state) you must follow the regulations of the Missouri Board of Nursing  There are 24 states presently in this agreement and 5 states have pending legislation in 2011.  Florida is being left behind.  In 2006 the State Board of Nursing in Florida supported joining the agreement but the legislation did not make it through legislative committees.  We are trying again, the first step is to solicit the support of the Florida Board of Nursing

Please email the executive director for the Florida Board of Nursing.  In your email subject line type “Compact State Agreement”.  Then you can write your own letter or cut and paste the following:

I support the Compact State Agreement for Nursing Licensing for Florida.  Joining the agreement would be benefit the health consumers in Florida and be good for nurses as well.  Please support the agreement.

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