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How to Write a Mystery

              Have you ever dreamed of making a                           
mystery of your own, just like The Pizza Guy? 
Here's a guide that will show you how in 10 simple steps!

In Your Notes

 1. Create a main character to be your detective.

 2. Come up with a mystery or crime for your character to solve.

 3. Create the main idea for a beginning, your introduction to the story, how the crime happens. Make  sure you introduce your main character and add other secondary characters to make your story more interesting.

 4. Create the main idea for an ending, how the mystery gets solved and how the story closes.

 5. Come up with a middle, how the beginning transitions to the end. The middle should include all of  the clues leading up to solving the mystery in the ending.  Ask yourself questions constantly, like, "How could he figure that out?" or "Where might this clue be found?"

Make sure that your notes are in bullets, not in complete sentences. 
It makes things a lot easier.

In Your Writing

 6. Start writing.  Make sure your notes are near you while you write so that you can look and see what you wrote.  Also, add lots of details so that the reader can picture your story in their mind.

 7. When you're done writing, make a title.  Make sure that it makes sense, and sounds good.  You want people to see your title, and want to read your book and see what happens.

 8. Write a dedication.  Dedicate your book to someone you love, or someone that helped you write your story. 

 9. Write a summary that covers the main idea of the story without giving away the ending, and without using to many details.

10. Put your summary on the back cover along with reviews written by friends and family.  Don't forget to illustrate your book!

Congratulations!  You've created your own mystery!
 Now show it off to your friends and family!