L3 Project

 David Robb NAR 90921

Wildman Wild Thang Extreme L3 Project

L3 project package

Upon arrival all parts inventoried, washed in alcohol water solution, dried, and labeled.  I used Lacquer thinner on fins to remove goo.

Inventory Parts

Sanded with course or medium grit sand paper all surfaces that will be epoxied in later steps

 Sanding 1 Sanding 2 Sanding 3 

Dry fit centering rings on motor tube and fins in fix slots.  Sanding as needed to make centering and fins fit.  


Dry Fit 1        Dry Fit 2(1)

fins 5


Sanded motor tube with course sandpaper.  Notched upper centering rings for Y Kevlar recovery bridal.   Epoxied centering and Kevlar into place on motor tube.   Dry fit Aeropack retainer by will JB weld later after motor tube epoxied into body tube.  Center ring spacing check to ensure fins fit in thru body tube.  Pencil placed in photo as size reference.

motor 1motor 2motor 3motor 4

Drilled holes per Wildman instructions to inject fillets.  Placed and epoxied in fins.   Aligning and allowing to cure one fin at a time.   Inject Epoxy and allowed time to dry.


Fins 1

fins 1afin 1bFin 2fins 3                 

Dry fit Aeropack retainer and check that still seated correctly.  Placed JB Weld on outside of tube and slid retainer in place.  Confirmed seated level with end of tube.  Allow to dry overnight.

Aeropack retainer install 1Aeropack retainer install 2

Taped and added JB Weld as external fin fillets.

Fin Fillet jb

Drill holes for rail buttons thru the double centering.  Test fit rail buttons and alignment.   Remove buttons, then apply some JB Weld in the holes a dab on bottom of rail button.    Install rail buttons.  Use short section of launch rail to check alignment.  Allow to dry over night.

  rail button 1rail button 2

Measure and mark location of vent holes in both sections.   Drill and clean holes.

Rivet 1

Drill alignment keys in sections.   Drill holes for Rivets and Sheer Pins.

Alignment keys

Nosecone.   Epoxy in Eyebolt into Bulkhead.  Epoxy Bulkhead into Nosecone coupler.   Drill holes in Nosecone and coupler.   Epoxy in T-Nuts.Drill holes for sheer pins.   Insert Coupler into Nose cone and place screws. 

nosecone 1Nosecone 1anosecone 2Nosecone 4Nosecone 6

Prepare ebay.  Drill holes for switches.  Drills holes in end of canisters.  Drill holes in other end and epoxy in terminals.

ebay 1Ebay 3Ebay 4Ebay 5

Setup ebay.

  sled 2Sled 6

Next paint rocket – prime.


Next paint rocket – finish coat.


Apply decal.




Ground Test Videos of ground test can be viewed at http://youtu.be/F5jphrvM6p8  

Drogue Section – test 2-56 sheer pins cut using 2.0 grams charge.  Successful

David Robb L3 Gound Test drouge

Main Section – test 2-56 sheer pins cut and plastic rivets do not using 2.5 grams.   Successful.    

David Robb L3 Gound Test Main 1

Flight test - 3/3/2012

Flight Test 1 Flight Test 2

Flight Test 3

Flight Test 4

Flight Test 5

May 4, 2012 at Tripoli San Diego, Plaster City, CA successful L3 flight using

a M1297, reached 12,582 feet. 

L3 Cert Flight(2)

David Robb's L3 Certification Flight Video
David Robb