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 It's official the 2014 regular season is over :( Congratulations to top 3 division winners advancing to the tournament and also to the wild card division winners...we had a few ties this year for the wildcard spot...(the 1st tie braker is team low net scored on the final position night)  Click here Final Wild Card Results

Click here for the 2014 Tournament Bracket

For those not playing in the Fall League or playoffs...we will see ya at the Outing....If you are not playing in the Outing and you are NOT planning on returning next year....please contact Finley or Pomeroy and let us know.

Fall League: For those that still want to play some more golf, sign up for 4 weeks of Fall League, Click Here for details , details will also be at the scores table.

ANNUAL OUTING: Details: Sept. 13th, Saturday.  The sign-up sheet is on the scores table. The place (Robbinhurst), the time (noon shotgun) and the cost ( $35 league , $45 non-league).


If a team knowingly will not be able to play.  Please make an attempt to notify your opponents before play on Wednesday. If contact can not be made, then call the course Robbinhurst Golf Club (762-9711) and ask them to post a note stating Team # xx will not be playing.




Skins: $10 ea       Buell (3)      Biller (5,9)       Twilla (8)

Hot Hole: $36 ea      Buell (3)

Pin: $25 ea         Wall (5)


League Officers:

Pres. / Assist. Sec./ Outing Coordinator - Brian Finley

Secretary - Rob Pomeroy

Rules Committee - Dick Collins, Dave Snyder, Sam Arnold, Jim Kosmatka

Sponsor - Charlie Wilson (Village Tavern)


Skins: $11 ea      Weigel (10)     Collins (15)        Prenice (18)

Hot Hole: $32 ea        Collins (15)

Pin: $25 ea          Prentice (14)


Low Net: $47 ea

     Wall 41-14=27 50 / 50: $40

Henderlong - Zoellner