Latest Updates

 The parking lot chatter is that Dave Linn had an Eagle on the Par 5 number #13. Nice shot Dave!!! That is the 2nd league eagle this season.

The Outing Planning is complete however; only about half are paid up. This is the last week of regular season so Please GET PAID UP THIS WEEK.

For those that want play a few more weeks there will be a Fall League again ...Sign up at the table for details click ==> Details ..Yes, If you are in the playoffs you can also be in the fall league.

Wild Card: click here for the 3rd week results ==> WildCard


George's Gyros will be catering the outing. We will have similar as previous outings: two Chicago dogs at the turn, beverage tickets, chicken, Italian beef and a few side salads. A Big Thank You to Paul of George's for catering our outing and making it possible without a price increase. We also thank Andrew of Robbinhurst for his continuous support. 

NOTE: We ask and will keep asking because it's not asking much...BUT, PLEASE WRITE LAST NAMES AND TEAM NUMBER ON THE SCORE CARD, and IF YOU HAVE A SUB ...WRITE 'SUB' ON THE CARD TOO.


If a team knowingly will not be able to play.  Please make an attempt to notify your opponents before play on Wednesday. If contact can not be made, then call the course Robbinhurst Golf Club (762-9711) and ask them to post a note stating Team # xx will not be playing.


League Officers:

Pres. / Assist. Sec./ Outing Coordinator - Brian Finley

Secretary - Rob Pomeroy

Rules Committee - Dick Collins, Dave Snyder, Sam Arnold, Jim Kosmatka

Sponsor - Charlie Wilson (Village Tavern)