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I believe we had another record set, Not a single skin was won on the front or the back. The money rolls, the hot holes will be over $100 and skins are over $60, the pin on the back will be worth $50...for those that did win this week, Brian will have the envelopes as I will be missing next week.

Wild Card weeks starts in three weeks (Aug 6th). The Outing Sign-Up sheet is filling get your foursome together and reserve your spot...Outing Fees are to be paid to Brian Finley.


Reminder:New Rule concerning subs playing during Wildcard weeks and Playoffs, If you have a sub play for your team they need to have a minimum TWO round average. We are half way thru the season and Wildcard weeks are the last four weeks, so if a player on your roster has only played one time on the league, they need to get another round in...if you should need them to sub. Also, remember at least one player from your roster must play during Wildcard & Playoffs.       

ANNUAL OUTING: Details: Sept. 13th, Saturday.  The sign-up sheet is on the scores table. The place (Robbinhurst), the time (noon shotgun) and the cost ( $35 league , $45 non-league).


If a team knowingly will not be able to play.  Please make an attempt to notify your opponents before play on Wednesday. If contact can not be made, then call the course Robbinhurst Golf Club (762-9711) and ask them to post a note stating Team # xx will not be playing.




Skins: $38 ea         No Skins

Hot Hole: $72 ea      No winner (17)

Pin: $25 ea       Pomeroy (11)


League Officers:

Pres. / Assist. Sec./ Outing Coordinator - Brian Finley

Secretary - Rob Pomeroy

Rules Committee - Dick Collins, Dave Snyder, Sam Arnold, Jim Kosmatka

Sponsor - Charlie Wilson (Village Tavern)


Skins: $33 ea          No Skins

Hot Hole: $64 ea          No winner (3)

Pin: $25 ea            No winner (3)


Low Net: $47 ea

    Bill Bradford         43-14=29

50 / 50: $40

Nickerson - Walker