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1989 Pontiac 20th Anniversary Turbocharged Trans Am (page 1)

This is a 1989 20th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am Indianapolis Pace Car, number 649.  It has a 3.8 liter, turbocharged, electronically fuel injected V-6 similar to the engine originally developed for Buick Grand National Turbo Regals.  These cars are also known as TTAs (Turbo Trans Am).  A company called Prototype Automotive Services manufactured 1550 of these cars and the sticker price was approximately $31,000. 

I bought this car in 2008 with 17,300 miles on it.  A dealership in NJ originally owned this car but only put a few miles on it.  The second owner was a preservationist.  He used to put TWO car covers on it and kept it in a garage.  The third owner added a lot of aftermarket equipment to the engine which significantly increased the original horsepower. 

Shortly after I bought this car, I removed the original "number's matching" engine to store it and preserve  the car's future "collector" value.  I then built a separate engine from scratch which was completed in 2010.  Pictures of the teardown and buildup appear in hyperlinks at the bottom of this page.

The interior of this car is impressive, no?  These cars came with a 4 speed overdrive 200-4R automatic transmission mated to a heavy-duty 3.20 rear end gear-set.  The gold rims are 16" and the tires are 50 series.  My transmission has been beefed up with a heavy duty input drum, a shift kit, shaved governor (for higher RPM shifts) and a stronger clutch pack.  The stock converter was a "lock-up" type but the increased power of my modified engine could destroy one of those.  So the original converter has been replaced with an aftermarket "non-lockup" higher-stall torque converter.  My modified engine now includes forged pistons, forged rods, forged crankshaft, steel main caps, ported cylinder heads, roller rocker arms, larger valves, roller-lifter cam, larger turbo, larger throttle body, larger  intercooler and injectors.  The exhaust is now 3" stainless steel pipe.  It also has an Accel GEN7+ digital engine management control  system.  You can tune the engine using a laptop.  The GEN7+ also includes a 2 step rev limiter and can trigger 2 stages of nitrous oxide (and who needs that in this car???).

This accessory box, and it's contents came with every Turbo Trans Am.  On eBay, these boxes commonly sell for between $500 and $1500!  It includes a unique "turbo" key fob, door decals, warranty brochures and an owner's manual.  One of the key fobs alone once sold for $350 on eBay.

For some reason I received TWO of these valuable boxes (though one of them contained very few of the items) from the previous owner!  Not complaining...  I gave the second box to a friend of mine in Michigan that owns 3 TTA's.  I also received the 1989 Pontiac Firebird service manual (about 2" thick") and the 20th Anniversary Trans Am service manual supplement (1" thick) from the last owner.

My car is number 649 of the 1550 cars that were built.  A company called PAS built the special V6 turbocharged engine in February of 1989.  It was installed into a Firebird chassis at GM's Van Nuys assembly plant.  These cars were then returned to PAS where other unique TTA equipment was added (brakes, etc.), then shipped to dealers.  Mine was shipped from CA to northern NJ in March, 1989.

1989 Turbo Trans Am (Page 2)

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