Audi 100LS

This is my 100LS, a four-door, 1974, automatic. The car came to me needing light restoration but was a solid candidate and is now in top shape.

The 100, identified by Audi as the C1, was introduced in 1968 and first came to the U.S. in 1970. The C1 benefited from styling and engineering that took place prior to Volkswagen buying the Daimler-Benz share of Audi. Mercedes-Benz influenced styling cues, both interior and exterior, are obvious when one considers the offerings of the time. The engine was a "high swirl" overhead valve four-cylinder, introduced at 1.8 liters, but displacement was soon increased to 1.9. The most unique feature of early C1s was the inboard disk brakes. Jaguar and several other European marques had experimented with the design, and the goal was to reduce unsprung weight. The configuration made the brakes difficult to service, although the objective may have been met, as the C1 handled well. Although Audi sold more than 140,000 of these cars here in the U.S. from 1970 to 1977, there are thought to be just thirty or so examples remaining.

I replaced the exhaust system, the electronic ignition control unit, front and rear shocks, control arm bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, and valve cover gasket. I rebuilt both front axles, replaced the boots, replaced the brake light switch, voltage regulator, fan temperature sender switch, and a motor mount. The entire braking system is freshly redone, including resurfaced drums, new shoes, resurfaced rotors, rebuilt calipers, new pads, new parking brake cables, and new brake lines, front to back. The car also received a full tune-up including points, cap, rotor, spark plugs, and wires. Most recently the car has received a new carburetor and tires.

The body received a full repaint following bodywork. All of the chrome, aluminum, and/or stainless trim pieces were cleaned and polished. The interior seats and door panels were originally red and were in great shape, but I had a black interior from another 100LS and installed it in for a more formal look. I replaced the dash pad and installed a modern audio system, although I have another set of black door panels and a rear parcel shelf that can be replaced to return it to "stock" condition. The wheel covers were an option from the parts department and were found as new-old-stock. The tachometer was also added optional equipment.

The car has very low mileage and is rare, handsome, and fun to drive. Click the thumbnails to see larger images.

Click HERE to see a brief video of the 100LS.