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Rod Cole Thu Apr 6 10:07:48 EDT 2000

I hope you enjoyed the site. Unfortunately a computer crash at the ISP resulted in the loss of the guest book on April 6,2000, so if you signed in earlier it is lost. Please say hello again!

- Rod

Bruce Walton Thu Apr 6 22:47:46 EDT 2000

Nice site. I'd say you were very lucky on the "splinter"; ouch! I enjoyed your practical approach to problems. I.e. the cyclone dust collector and overhead saw guard. Also, your projects look real good.

Thanks, Bruce

Gerald Jefferies Thu Apr 13 00:33:39 EDT 2000

Enjoyed reading about finishing. Enjoy building furniture but hate finishing. Never looks like I want it to. Thanks you have a nice site. Gerald

Neal Thu Apr 20 21:29:57 EDT 2000

Rod, enjoyed your website. Did you make the chairs for the kitchen table? I am another amateur woodworker who likes building but hates finishing.

repairman Thu Apr 20 22:02:24 EDT 2000

enjoyed viewing your shop, may try to fab a blade guard. my dust maker is in the basement also. have old late 50's sears 10" contractor saw and spits a lot of dust even with shop vac pickup mounted under it. have a good day.

Doug Peck Sat Apr 22 22:04:01 EDT 2000

Lot of work evident, Rod, nice job! Enjoyed your article on explosions and PVC , well documented and thorough. It's always great to see others shops. Liked your blade guard/dust p/u, I need to do something like that - just have 5" alum. flex hose now and it def. needs improvement!

Lou Swinand Sat Apr 22 23:10:17 EDT 2000

Great article on PVC grounding. Thanks.

Dick Krieger Sat Apr 22 23:33:40 EDT 2000

Rod: Thanks for the article on grounding PVC. Great stuff!

Dale Culbert Sun Apr 23 10:04:14 EDT 2000

Very impressive article on grounding, Thank-You.

Sumter Moore Mon Apr 24 15:00:51 EDT 2000

thanks for the info. good job.

I.J. Karpay Tue Apr 25 19:33:26 EDT 2000

While I am in no way learned enough to comment on your treatise on "grounding" PVC pipe, I enjoyed the subject and feel as though I learned a great deal. I am in the process of building a new home with a new shop of course so this is really intriguing. By the way, what kind of ductwork do you have and how did you treat it?

George M Dustin Tue Apr 25 19:40:30 EDT 2000

A most interesting, informative and timely study. Well done!

Dan Moening Tue Apr 25 20:59:16 EDT 2000

That is a really great article about dust collection myths! Thank you for making it clear and simple...I'll wade through the treatise portions at a later date. Dan.

Karl Dorn Wed Apr 26 12:25:00 EDT 2000

Nice site , thanks for a look in the shop and the DC report.Karl

Tom Thomas Wed Apr 26 14:19:19 EDT 2000

Good web site ... try to stay safe. Great work with a minimum of tools. Talent counts for a lot.

Dave Haas Wed Apr 26 14:54:32 EDT 2000

Your site just gets better and better, Rod. And the DC "article" is super (makes me want to get back into physics) Regards, - Dave

Herb Arndt Thu Apr 27 09:40:31 EDT 2000

Too much information for me to take in all in one sitting. What a great site. I really like the writing table- sorry 'bout that arm. Be glad you didn't make contact with the blade itself, you know how unforgiving they can be. I also like the bedroom set. You do good work. I can't get to it all today so I'll check ya later. Keep up the good woodwork. -Herb

john Stout Fri Apr 28 01:17:34 EDT 2000

Great site! thanks for the info on dust collection. John

Ray Moser Fri Apr 28 08:54:44 EDT 2000

Nice web page and good article on DC's and static

Toby Sparks Fri Apr 28 11:32:02 EDT 2000

Rod, Always enjoy your posts. Your article on DC was excellent. Good work, Hokie! Toby

Rhea Graham Fri Apr 28 14:04:29 EDT 2000

Beautiful work, great site! Thanks for sharing your info with us. I just bought the hoses for my DC System, now I need to rearrange the shop and get it all hooked up! There is 18 months of sawdust out there now.... it will take some time to get it cleaned up! Thanks again.

Marjorie Cole Sat Apr 29 12:49:23 EDT 2000

Well, one can always do what your Dad did. The whole house was his dust collector! That aside, the DC article was relatively easy to follow. mom

Ralph Turney Sun Apr 30 01:13:07 EDT 2000

Hey Rod, I've heard so much about you article on dust collectors I had to come over and read it. You have a great site here. Keep up the good work. Now I'm off to read the dust collection article. Ralph

Rudy Fichtenbaum Mon May 1 13:27:16 EDT 2000


Thanks for your article on using PVC in dustcollection systems. I have been trying to decide what to do in my garage shop and reading your article was very helpful. I also enjoyed looking at some of your projects.


John Nesbit, Bloomington, Wed May 17 13:10:38 EDT 2000

Great site Rod! Your article on finishes along with your compadres(Jim Kull, Jim Frye, Jeff Jewitt)have certainly elevated the results home woodworkers have been looking for. Keep up the good work.

Rick Potter Sun May 28 03:06:16 EDT 2000

Hi Rod,

Just browsing through your site. Like the blade guard. One day I will get mine built too.

Rick Potter Claremont CA.

Bobby Wed Jun 7 14:30:56 EDT 2000

That is not a splinter. I've had splinters and that is not one. That is a stick.

al Thu Jun 15 01:33:09 EDT 2000

Nice job on the site. I think that your ideas for the cyclone and blade guard are custom made for my shop. Thanks for the peek. al

Les Spencer Fri Jun 16 20:05:30 EDT 2000

Nice job again. It is obvious you love working in wood.

Howard Roberts in the UK Thu Jul 6 18:02:43 EDT 2000

I followed your link from the note on static. I like your site. I'll also read some of the stuff about static and get back to you - it would be good to compare notes.

Dennis Downey Wed Aug 2 09:30:56 EDT 2000


Congrats on the birth of your sons. Before you know it they will be grown and gone. Enjoy them while you can.



leslie Wed Aug 2 19:57:11 EDT 2000

You are just tooooooo talented! :-) and one of the coolest people I know. I have to go read the dust and the grounding articles--I know squat about woodworking, but your stories are great! Possible woodworking journal submittals? ;-) Matt & Sam are just the most delightful little guys!

Alan Copeland Thu Aug 3 21:57:45 EDT 2000

Congratulations on the two fine boys. Just another opportunity to spend time in the shop making their toys (two of each I guess?).


Doug West Tue Aug 8 21:28:54 EDT 2000

This is my first visit to your site but congratulations on the birth of your two sons. Now you definately have more woodworking to do in the future.

gramma cole Wed Aug 9 14:59:47 EDT 2000

Thanks for grandchildren #9 & #10. The little guys will be your biggest project ever. :) Enjoy them.

love, gramma & grampa

Todd Beck Fri Aug 18 08:50:47 EDT 2000

Thank you for the informative article on dust collection and static discharges. I would like to use metal but the cost is nearly prohibitive. I bought the Onieda cyclone collector about 3 years ago but due to circumstances was not able to install it until just recently. Onieda drew up a plan for the duct work, but the price comes to more than I paid for the collector. At least now I am not afraid the whole thing might blow up the instant I turn it on if I use PVC. Thanks again.

Annslie Shipley Tue Aug 22 22:49:34 EDT 2000

great pics. Mike is really jelous about the shop. His is 1/5 that size!. You all look great.

Allan Owen Mon Aug 28 12:30:17 EDT 2000

I must add my thanks for the enlightened analysis of dust colection and static. A look such as this was long overdue.

Terri Maurer Tue Sep 5 22:08:19 EDT 2000

Thanks for the news and pictures of your two new sons. Brings back many blissful memories of holding babies in my arms. Our children are now 10 & 12.

Alan Gamble none Fri Sep 8 17:55:18 EDT 2000

Rod I always look forward to seeing your messages, keep giving good advice!!!

Thanks Alan G.

Janos and Andrea Fri Sep 8 23:55:02 EDT 2000

Dear Deb, Rod and Sarah,

The boys are BEAUTIFUL, congratulations!! We are happy that we had the chance to meet you guys and looking forward to seeing the whole family in the near future!

Andrea, Janos and Marci from the childbirth class

Sherri H. rather not say.... Fri Sep 15 20:42:18 EDT 2000

Loved the new photos -- especially the ones that include Grandma and Grandpa. I haven't seen them in so long and they hardly look like they've changed. Hannah has two birthmarks (we call them "stork-bites" around here) on the back of her head and one on her nose. They have/are fading over time. Glad to read that everyone is doing so well:=) Love Sherri, David, Laurel and Hannah

Jake Jarvis Sun Sep 17 16:46:49 EDT 2000

Rod, Great article on Dust collection. Thanks for the info.


Alan Gamble none Wed Sep 20 17:58:01 EDT 2000

Rod your advice on Wood Mag. forum has been the best I've seen. Sorry to have to chat with you this way but I'm at work with no E-mail address. What I want to accomplish is to make my furniture resemble that of commercial (just the finish, thats all) Any ideas or sources of info? Also I took your recommendation to get "Understanding Wood Finishing" you couldn't have been more right, Thanks Alan Gamble Oh ya if get the urge to have your brain picked please page me 205-633-4477 (very short long distance call) I'll call you right back I'm in central time zone. Thanks

Karen Holm Thu Oct 12 14:22:41 EDT 2000, my, but you have come a long way from the top hat and black tails day haven't you? I remember when you and Sue came over to introduce yourselves to Glen and I. Gees, we were babies back then! And here you are, married with a nice family and 2 great new twins and building everything, just about, in your home and writing articles on things that I have no clue on. You always stood out in high school and you still stand out now. I knew you would amount to great things back then. Well, enough rambling...By the way, I am very impressed with our website. You always had a knack for writing...seems like you have a knack for just about anything you set your mind to. Well, I agree with what you Grandmother said, "the twins will be your biggest project yet" enjoy them b/c they grow up way too fast! Thanks for sharing! Love, Karen and Scooter (Jimmy)

DanHarrington Sun Oct 15 12:32:32 EDT 2000

Since the air in the duct is moving wouldnt say a metal ring ring at intervals be just as effective with pvc as an all metal duct ?

deb aub webster Mon Oct 16 12:01:45 EDT 2000

Rod Like father, like son, like sons!!! I remember when your dad first took up woodworking. I'm into refinishing whenever the need arises. Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do in my next "career". Your boys are adorable and girls beautiful. loved the pics AND YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!! (that's how long it's been since we've seen you) Anyhow you still look the same. Sorry we missed you when we were in Boston - It was just too crazy What with my Dad and Bill's mom dying we were just barely getting along. we took Bill's dad along and enjoyed Bean town. So maybe next time. You all are welcome in KC anytime!! Deb

Mark Addison Thu Oct 19 13:39:40 EDT 2000

Terrific web site and pictures. I especially liked the page and links regarding finishes. Keep up the good work.

Rudy Vey Thu Oct 19 20:47:51 EDT 2000

Hi Rod, great info about the PVC ducts, liked it a lot. Thanks


Don and Linda Jensen Fri Oct 20 18:24:35 EDT 2000

What a joy to page through your site. The boys are ADORABLE! Sara's pics are great. She reminds me of the "teen girls" in my youth group...what a fun age. I loved the tour of Belgium...wonderful pictures and dialogue. We have your site on our bookmark, so will visit often. Thanks for remembering us!

Don and Linda Jensen Fri Oct 20 18:26:35 EDT 2000

What a joy to page through your site. The boys are ADORABLE! Sara's pics are great. She reminds me of the "teen girls" in my youth group...what a fun age. I loved the tour of Belgium...wonderful pictures and dialogue. We have your site on our bookmark, so will visit often. Thanks for remembering us!

Pam Martinov Sat Nov 4 10:43:06 EST 2000

NIce to see the photos! Keep in touch...hope you all are getting a bit of sleep with the young ones!

Chris Brislawn Tue Nov 7 17:35:02 EST 2000

Hi Rod, looks like the family is growing! Whatever inspired you guys to have twins?! ;-)

Bob The Boardman Thu Dec 14 15:17:03 EST 2000


I frequently provide information on other sites (, the woodweb forum at, Knots at, so I enjoy a site such as yours: nice site, good information, and a sense of humor...great combination.

Good Luck Bob

Steve Collins Tue Feb 13 11:25:45 EST 2001

Great article on PVC and grounding myths!

Vince Werner Sat Mar 10 01:40:13 EST 2001

Your information on dust explosions in DC systems was great.

Thanks Vince

Kelly Churchill Fri Mar 16 17:33:32 EST 2001

Great article on "grounding" PVC. I have talked to one person who told me he ran a wire from each machine to his DC so he has about 6-8 wires in his duct work and attached to his DC. What do you think of that? Overkill? Thanks again for the article.

PS I read the entire paper, not just the conclusions.

Jesse Benefiel Sun Jul 1 10:00:05 EDT 2001


Great site, from the DC article to the finishing information. I am a woodworker who is also a storm fanatic, so I'd be just as interested in hearing about your job as I would your hobby!

Thanks Jesse

Gretchen Reimert Mon Aug 6 19:13:09 EDT 2001

Looks like I am one of the few who logged onto this site solely to see the pictures of Sara and the boys. Glad to see you have survived the first year of twins!

Love, Gretch

Jennifer Mon Aug 20 20:22:50 EDT 2001

Thanks for the finishing tips. Jenn

The Losasso's in Ohio Thu Aug 30 23:37:38 EDT 2001

What wonderful photos of the boys and Sara! I can't believe they are one! We really appreciate the photo updates! Take care! Andy, Missi, Emily and Ethan!

Rick Tue Oct 2 11:41:18 EDT 2001

Great info on grounding PVC. I have just installed 5" metal ducting with 4" flexable rubber hose running to my machines. They are all short lenghts except for my drum sander (22ft) and table saw (12 ft). Should I bother grounding those lenghts? I've just started researching this grounding theory and this is the first info to disspell the 'theory's' out there on grounding. Your research is much more indepth than mine. Very impressive...great I have to look into your logic. Thankyou!

PS. any info on air filters made from a furnace squirl cage?

Ziggy Diaz Wed Oct 3 13:57:35 EDT 2001

Hola Seņor Rod

Lots of useful information on dust collection, but even better work with few tools, I'm also an amateur woodworker, living in the border town (with Hidalgo, TX. in the US) of Reynosa, in Mexico, I can relate to your beginings, perhaps by going through them now, but I can only say, that being broke and having few tools has a bright side, you must master the tools at hand in order to make up for the ideal tool. And when you aproach a new challenge you can always think of more than two ways you would do things with what you have in your hands.

Mucho bueno site!!!, thanks again for all the info posted! Mexico

Ziggy Diaz Wed Oct 3 13:57:49 EDT 2001

Hola Seņor Rod

Lots of useful information on dust collection, but even better work with few tools, I'm also an amateur woodworker, living in the border town (with Hidalgo, TX. in the US) of Reynosa, in Mexico, I can relate to your beginings, perhaps by going through them now, but I can only say, that being broke and having few tools has a bright side, you must master the tools at hand in order to make up for the ideal tool. And when you aproach a new challenge you can always think of more than two ways you would do things with what you have in your hands.

Mucho bueno site!!!, thanks again for all the info posted! Mexico

Alan Copeland Thu Oct 25 17:59:45 EDT 2001

Rod, Havent seen you around Wood lately, butI haven't had time for much woodworking. Lost your link, got it back from Wood Online. Guess those boys are growing like weeds. I now have a 14 month old grandson to break-in when he gets a little older.

Rich S. Tue Nov 20 20:50:04 EST 2001

Rod, thanks for the most comprehensive info on using PVC for ducting. The editing they did at FWW was terrible. Glad you were able to fill in all the gaps. Nice job on youe site too.

Wayne Dempsey Fri Nov 23 11:54:14 EST 2001

Just read your article on 'PVC Pipe Dangers Debunked' in the 'Fine Woodworking' magazine and you have convinced me to reverse my decision to install costly metal ducting. This is the last major work that I have to do to my workshop located in my basement of our house.The article on this site fills in some gaps. Good luck on your web site.

Sam Ochodnicky Tue Nov 27 13:00:09 EST 2001

Thanks for your research regarding the grounding of dust collection systems. I am an amateur woodworker with a BS in Physics who never really understood what the danger would be in a relatively small ungrounded system. However, I was sufficiently scared by the reading I had done that I did ground my system at the dust collector end only. It seemed quicker than actually doing the research as you have. I have passed your web site link on to others with whom I have discussed this topic.

Jonathan Franz Mon Dec 17 16:01:12 EST 2001

Thanks for the article on static problems with PVC pipes. Also for your design of the cyclone collector. I am going to give both a try. I'll let you know how I make out.

Tom Flynn Tue Dec 18 18:57:37 EST 2001

Great site! TRhanks for sharing your techniques and imaginative ides with us "limited" budget wood "butchers" out here. I was so impressed with your trained scientific research approach to PVC ducting I printed out all 25 pages for future reference. It takes guts in this day and age to put yourself and your opinions on the line like you did with the article in Tools and Shops. Don't stop. Congradulations and best wishes.

Hugh South Fri Jan 4 20:03:32 EST 2002

I came to the site to read the article on the grounding of dust collection systems, but I went on to read about finishing and about all the furniture projects. Very interesting site. I'll certainly visit again.

Marshall Krebs Tue Jan 8 12:07:22 EST 2002

Hi Rod, neat site and great goes to show its not what kind of tools you have, its what you can do with what you've got! As a science teacher I thoroughly enjoyed your dust collection article relating to static charges. Take care and hope to talk with you in the future. MCK

Rick Stoddard Wed Jan 9 23:02:55 EST 2002

Thanks for the tips on finishing. Your page helped take the scare out of finishing for me. Thank you for all the work on the page. Rick

Thomas J Cooper Sr TOMSR@CHARTER.NET Sat Jan 26 21:19:24 EST 2002



Jon Franz Thu Jan 31 08:39:09 EST 2002

Your article on static discharge problems in plastic pipe vacuum systems was very helpful. Thank you. Jon Franz

Melville Low Thu Feb 7 13:09:09 EST 2002

Vacuum system for my workshop is high on the priority list

Your article on PVC pipe/static discharge is most helpful.

Thank you


Robert D. Graham Jr Tue Feb 12 01:26:25 EST 2002

Hi I really love your segent on "Grounding PVC" I am an Electrical Engineer and I really love the research you put behind this. You actually can pevent electric static discharrge (ESD) by applying a low cost conductive coating to the PVC or whatever ESD conductive material you would be using and then a ground strap at any point on the material. We use this method where I am employed manufacturing Cellular Phones. Our who plant floor is "Grounded" and so Are we! WE wear conductive straps on are shoes. So remeber, anything is possible.

Erik Sojka Wed Feb 27 15:03:02 EST 2002

Hey Rod,

Nice website! I found your kitchen redo interesting and inspiring. I have a 1950's style birch kitchen (must be a New England thing) that desparately needs updating. One of the ideas that I have been pondering is something very similar (cherry veneer, doors, drawers) to what you have done. Looks great!

Also, I found your dust collection article informative and well-written. Nice job. Keep up the good work.

Erik Sojka Attleboro, MA

Ken Smith Wed Feb 27 17:17:09 EST 2002

I originally looked at your site for the article concerning grounding pvc pipe in a dust collection system. Since then I like to come back and read your notes about the projects you have done because they are so done to earth and friendly. I feel the same way about my woodworking and just wanted you to know that this is a great web site. Please be careful and may God Bless you and your family.

Chris Langston Mon Mar 4 00:22:24 EST 2002

I got to your site in my search for fixed "Brett" type table saw guard. I am researching for the purchase of a saw and happened to see one of those htc Brett guards at a store I was visiting. Never seen before in a catelog on magazine, but you were there afore me. I think your shop and site are very impressive. Your gruesom accident photo invigorates me in my search - thanks.

Joe Devoti Wed Mar 6 22:13:34 EST 2002

I have just completed the installation of a dust collection system for my small shop using PVC. I had some discussuion with other weekenders about dust explosions and "grounding". I came across your site in my search. Your article was very interesting as well as informative. I plan to spend some time this weekend drilling holes and driving screwws.

Thanks for information and recommedations.

Caroline Thu Mar 7 14:20:39 EST 2002

You've provided good info for me in setting up a dust collection system for my small outdoor shop. I also really enjoyed looking at your finished wood projects. Well done! Nice website. I'll be back often to learn more about how to apply finishes and read your other tips too. Thanks Rod.

Dwight Campbell Mon Mar 25 16:09:34 EST 2002

Excellent information for dust collectors. Thanks for doing the background work necesssary to bring this to everyone's attention.

Dick Sydor Sat Apr 6 17:27:23 EST 2002

I have been able to buy some 3" solid Urethane pipe to convey grain but I would have to ground it some way from static charges. Does anyone have any ideas on this. Dick

Scott Erway Wed May 29 17:55:07 EDT 2002

Rod, nice site.

Dexter chuck Thu May 30 16:55:14 EDT 2002

I juct bought a delta 2hp 1500cfm dust collector. I am presently looking for idea to install I want use PVC since the other lines are not readly available to me. Note that I live in Trinidad in the West Indies. I have a 2hp wood shapper,5hp table saw, 2hp radial are saw, 5hp jointer planer,12" barn saw, table router and 18" drum sander. they are not in use at the same time but I would aslo like to know if this one dust collector can be connected to all of them. Someone help me. Dexter.

Joe Pack Fri Aug 23 00:23:58 EDT 2002

Enjoyed your site, Rod. I don't know about "slowest," though; I am working on #1 son's harp for Christmas......2000! May have it by next year!

steve janek Sun Aug 25 19:18:16 EDT 2002

I want to use a regular overhead fan type gas heater in a building Ill be doing sanding and wood working in. I checked with local Fire Department and they looked on their sites Could not find a single case of explosions due to that open flame gas in a regular workshop like Im describing. I dont do sufficient work to put in a dust system. Whats the opinons of the readers.


Pete Smart Sun Sep 29 05:55:08 EDT 2002

Hi Rod,

I have read both your article and follow up on your site. Thanks for the information. I am going thru the motions of setting up mey own dust system at the moment. Do you have any infor on system design, especially the size of the plumbing?

I am looking to use a cheaper Taiwanese dust collecter ( these are reasonably cheap here in Australia) that is rated at 2Hp, 2300cfm, although I'm a little sceptical if the unit will get there. The unit has a 125mm (5inch) connection

PVC still should be ok at this level of cfm?.

thanks for the great information



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