You just had to look, didn't you!

Here is a shot of my arm and the "splinter" I took in the arm the first night I was working on Deb's writing desk. There has been a lot of confusion about this picture. This is some 3 months after the fact. The splinter is not in my arm! You can see the scar below the splinter between my wrist and elbow. The splinter went from where it entered to about where it is in the picture. You can see how much of it went in my arm by the stain on the splinter. Amazingly, it did little damage beyond poking a hole in the muscle - no long term damage. The arm is fine now.

People have asked how I managed this trick. Stupidity mostly, aided by a lack of attention. I was ripping a slab of maple to make the legs for the desk, and I wanted to keep my fingers from the blade. So I grabbed this stick and cut a notch in the end you don't see to make a push stick to use to push the wood past the blade. There was no blade guard on the saw - the original was tossed long before I acquire the saw. After the fourth leg, I got sloppy. While bringing the push stick back to me past the blade I must have wiggled a little and the stick caught the top of the spinning blade. BANG! The stick was slammed back at me. Since one end was pointing forward the other end was pointing back at my arm.

I now use a proper blade guard and splitter, and have a proper push "shoe" that pushes and holds down the work, and has no sharp edges or points.