Here is a pine bookcase I made for Sara. She was a little short of bookcase type space. As you can see, Nature abhors a vacuum!;  She is still a little short of bookcase space!

This was sort of a quickie, to the extent that anything I do is quick, being the world's slowest woodworker. It is made of stock pine lumber, except for the moldings which are shop made. There are two panels on each side. Every edge has decorative work of some sort.  The finish is a wash coat of shellac to control blotching, Minwax Colonial Maple, and semi-gloss poly, sanded to 1000 grit and rubbed out with #0000 steel wool and wax.

It is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. That's a bit wider than it should be for pine shelves; I may need to add some shelf standards up the back at some point. Any future bookcases of this size will be made in parts. It was a bit of a pain to haul upstairs from the basement, but fortunately pine is light.

My hope is that Sara will keep this for a long time - it is hers to take with her.