The Good King Henry Stories

The Good King Henry stories are written as if the year was about 1750, but the world is one where the Middle Ages never ended. Life was more like the fictionalized one of Mallory's 'The Death of Arthur,' and Ivanhoe was much more real than the Inquisition ever was. The stories are told by an old monk, and he takes his eighteenth century audience to the magical times [for them] of about 1450AD. None of the characters in either time period are based on anyone who actually lived in history. Magic, Chivalry and the occasional Dragon and Ogre just add spice to the stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Please note: Although these stories were written for a young audience to enjoy and contain no adult language or sexual situations; a few of the stories deal with mature subject matters such as death, sorrow, and grieving, and these therefor may not be suitable for some children in the younger age groups.

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The Good King Henry Stories
Story The Tale of: Rating Synopsis
#02 How the Kingdom gained a new Page G Robin learns a lesson
#03 How Robin became the King's Page G Robin Saves the day
#01 The Ring around the Moon G King Henry battles an Ogre [revised version]
#04 Squire Harold G Squire Harold is Tested
#05 King Henry's Knighting PG The King becomes a Knight
#06 King Henry and His Squires G Robin wants to become a Squire
#07 King Henry and the Villagers G The King meets an old friend
#10 Jeremiah and the Christmas Hat G Gifts given and received
#14 King Henry and the Witch PG Queen Eleanor meets a Wise Man
#15 King Henry and the Dragon G The King fights a Dragon
#16 King Henry's Coronation PG The King is Crowned
#18 Queen Eleanor and the Goose Girl PG Wisdom is found in strange places
#21 King Henry and the Angel G The King goes on a quest
#25 King Henry and the Wedding of State PG-13 The King and Queen become matchmakers
Good King Henry's Wedding Stories
Story The Tale of: Rating Synopsis
#08 King Henry and the Maidens PG Good King Henry tries to find a Bride
#09 Eleanor and the Apprentice G Eleanor teaches, and is taught
#11 King Henry and the Plague PG-13 The King and Eleanor find love amidst death
#12 King Henry and the Countess PG The King is encouraged to wed a Noblewoman
#13 King Henry and his Mother PG-13 The King's grief and joy are interwoven
Good King Henry's Heir Stories
Story The Tale of: Rating Synopsis
#17 King Henry's Birthday PG The King makes himself a present
#19 King Henry and the Spinach Pie G Good King Henry saves the day
#20 King Henry and the Bard PG The perfect love is found within sorrow
#22 King Henry and the Baby G The King learns to care for his subjects
#23 King Henry and the Weaver G King Henry is overcome with riches unexpected
#24 The Royal Christenings G A fitting gift is found to give a Princess
Good King Henry versus the Evil Ones Stories
Story The Tale of: Rating Synopsis
#26 King Henry and the Baker's Son PG-13 The King goes to a Fair
#27 Friar Thomas and St. Claire's Chapel PG-13 Friar Thomas cleans the Chapel
#28 Constable Siegfried & Friar Thomas PG-13 Mary learns "What is a sacrifice?"
#29 King Henry and the Professor PG-13 Courage is found not only on the battlefield
#30 King Henry and the Sacrifice PG-13 Great Men come in all sizes

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