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MMTA CCW Instructor News:  Lt. RL Crouse recently received a letter of commendation from Utah’s Bureau of Criminal Identification related to his outstanding instruction of the 4-Hour Multi-State CCW Course.

Multi-State Concealed Carry Course Overview

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• This is a 4-hour, all classroom-based Concealed Carry Permit Certification Course that allows any resident, of any state, eligiblity to apply for a Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit that is valid currently in over 35+ states.
• Course is taught by Certified Utah BCI Instructors (who are also NRA Certified Instructors) and meets the required training requirements for the Utah premiere Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit, as well as the training requirement for most all other state CCWs like VA, WV, PA, NC, etc. The Utah permit alone provides concealed privileges in over 35+ states and when combined with a Virginia resident permit, nearly 40 states of coverage.
• Additionally, if participants so desire, most states accept this course to apply for other concealed carry permits, as it is taught by Certified NRA Instructors. Please note however that some states may require an official NRA curriculum and/or may require live-fire range time - this four-hour course does not include qualification range services; however, MMTA can offer these services where you can work one-on-one with a Certified NRA Instructor on the range, for an additional fee. This option will be discussed in your course.
• There is no test or quiz - so relax and enjoy the course and the material.

• The course will cover such topics as selecting a firearm, how best to carry and transport the handgun, general firearms safety, situational awareness, proper shooting fundamentals, firearm storage and basic firearm maintenance and care. Additionally, we will extensively cover information on concealed carry law, how to handle law enforcement encounters, defensive regulations and case law related to defense of both life and property. Time will also be dedicated to discussing less-than lethal options for personal protection.
• Tuition for this course includes complimentary paper, inked FBI fingerprinting, as required by Utah, and we will provide and complete the Utah Multi-State CCW application packet as part of the course. MMTA will also provide legal notary services for any CCW applications on the date of your course if these services are needed.
• The Utah, Florida and Virginia non-resident applications require that you submit passport photos as part of your application, you will be provided with six (6), high-resolution passport style photos that will be available for you to purchase so that you can immediately submit them with your application(s).
You do not need to own or possess a handgun to participate. However, if you interested we will offer to you various other optional courses that involve NRA curriculum and live-fire range time for discounts if you register for another class when you attend the concealed carry course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Q:  Aside from the course tuition I pay to MMTA, what is the cost to apply for the Utah non-resident Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit?

A:  The cost to apply for a (5) five-year, renewable Utah Non-Resident Multi-State CFP is only $49. The current renewal fee for an additional five year permit is only $15.

Q:  I’d like to be able to carry in all 50 states, including Washington, DC; does this course allow me to do that?

A:  Short of being active sworn law enforcement, no civilian has the ability to carry in all 50 states and Washington, DC. However, the Utah CFP non-resident, combined with the VA resident permit give you most coverage that any citizen is eligible (nearly 40 states).

Q:  Where is the Utah CFP valid? What states does it cover?



Q:  Do I leave class with the Utah Multi-State CFP/CCW permit in hand?

A:  No, MMTA provides the training for you to make application for the multi-state permit. We will provide you with the fingerprinting services, as well as the required paperwork to make your submission which you will then mail to Utah to apply for the permit. It takes about 45-60 days for your permit to be processed and sent to you, upon approval.

Q:  After the class, do I have to apply separately to each of the 35+ different states to be able to carry a concealed firearm there?

A:  No, absolutely not. The Utah non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit is automatically recognized in the states who have reciprocity agreements and there is no need to apply for each individual state. For a list of the current states that honor the Utah CFP, click here

Please note that if the Utah muli-state permit is honored in your home state, you must also get your home-state resident carry permit before making application for the Utah permit. Don't worry, this same course likely meets those training requirements and your course instructors will discuss the application process for your home-state concealed carry permit in the class.

Q:  I already have a VA, WV, PA, NC or PA resident Concealed Handgun Permit; do I really need to take the 4-hour Mutli-State CCW course in order to apply for the Utah non-resident 35+ state CCW?

A:  In or to apply for the Utah non-resident CCW, it is an absolute requirement that you complete the 4-hour CCW course that we conduct.  Regardless of any other permits you may currently hold, or regardless of your personal or professional firearms experience in the military and/or law enforcement, the 4-hour CCW course is required of anyone who wishes to apply for the highly-desired Utah Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit.

Q:  On the schedule, all I see is the city and state where the classes will be.  Where exactly is the classroom and where is the course held?

A: In order to protect our clients, the specific course location is not disclosed until registration is confirmed and payment received. When registering online, the exact course and training location will be disclosed after payment is submitted. So you are able to plan your travel accordingly, only the city and state of the training is posted on the course schedule.

Q:  So I'm interested, but what is a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) and why would I want one when I don't actually live in Utah?

A: The Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit is the gold standard of the CCW world because it has the most reciprocity with other statesBy holding this single permit alone, you have reciprocity in 35+ states, including the Commonwealth of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and many other surrounding states, which means you can legally carry concealed in those states in most locations.

Q:  But, I don't live in Utah... so, can I apply for, carry and use the Utah Non-Resident Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit?
A: Simply, any United States Citizen or Permanent Resident regardless of which state they physically reside (including Maryland and Washington, DC residents) can take the course and make application for the Utah Non-Resident Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit; giving them concealed carry coverage in over 35+ states where the Utah CFP is honored or recognized.
Q:  If I live in Maryland, will the paper, inked fingerprints that MMTA does as part of this course also fulfill the Maryland requirement for fingerprinting to apply for the Maryland HQL?

A: No, for the Maryland HQL, Maryland requires digital, electronic fingerprinting and this must be done through the Maryland State Police or one of their designated affiliates. Your course instructors will discuss the HQL if your CCW course is held at a location in Maryland.


Q:  What else must I consider to be sure I am eligible as a Utah CCW applicant?

* Must be at least 21 to apply for the Utah permit; however, a 20 year old can take the classroom course, but they cannot make application for the permit until they physically turn 21 years of age. All course participants must apply for their Utah CCW within one year of taking the course.
* Must be fully qualified under federal and state laws to purchase and possess a firearm
* Must not have been convicted of a felony
* Must not have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence
* Must not have been adjudicated by any state or federal court as mentally incompetent
* Must not currently be subject to a Protective Order
* Must not have been convicted of a Class A misdemeanor in the past 5 years
* Must not have been convicted of a Class B or Class C misdemeanor in the past 3 years
* Must not have been convicted of a DUI offense in the past 6 years

If you have unique or specific questions about your eligibility status, you can contact a Utah BCI Investigator at 801-957-8620 before sending in your application.

Q:  Does this one course allow me to also apply for a Virginia Resident or Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP)? And, can I apply for any other state permits after taking this course?
A: Yes! After completing just the Multi-State 4-hour CCW course you will be issued a course completion certificate that allows you to apply for either a Virginia Resident or a Virginia Non-Resident renewable five-year Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit. As this course is taught by Certified NRA Firearm Instructors, the course completion certificate allows you apply for many other state permits, if you also so desire.
Q:  Do I need to own or buy a firearm before taking the this course?  And, does the course require any live-fire or range time?
A: No, you do not have to own a firearm to attend this course and there is no required range time as part of this course. Range time is not required to make application for a Utah Multi-State CCW permit or a Virginia permit.
Q:  What materials do I leave the course with and what services are included in the registration and course fees?
A: In addition to your renewed confidence and increased knowledge and skills, all participants will be provided with a copy of a formal course completion certificate, course handouts and even a copy of the visual multi-media presentation. We will conduct a detailed review of the entire application process and complete your paperwork as part of the course. MMTA will also provide complimentary paper, inked fingerprinting services for the Utah CFP. In addition, for a nominal fee, we will process and provide you with six (6) passport photos for you to include as part of your application.
Q:  Are there application fees to apply for the Utah Multi-State CFP, the Virginia CHP or the Florida CCW permits?

A: Yes, as with any CCW, there are application fees you will need to submit when you finalize and mail your application(s). These fees are paid directly to the state of which you are making applicatoin and not to MMTA.

  • The cost to apply for a five-year, renewable Utah Non-Resident Multi-State CFP is only $49.00.
  • The cost to apply for a five-year, renewable Virginia Resident CHP is about $50; and the Non-Resident Virginia CHP application fee is around $100.
  • Finally, if you opt to also apply for a seven-year Florida Multi-State Non-Resident CCW, the application fee is $117.
Q:  How long do I have after the course to make application for the Utah permit?
A: You are eligible to make application immediately following our course and you have to make application within one (1) year after completing our course for the Utah permit. Currently, there is no time limit or expiration to apply for the Virginia or Florida optional permits.
Q:  What do I need to bring with me to the class?

A: Please plan to bring to class with you...

  1. an open mind and a willingness to learn;
  2. your current, valid driver's license or state-issued ID;
  3. a black ink pen and notepad;
  4. cash or credit card for any incidential services or products that will be offered;
  5. and a sense of humor as our instructors promise to make you laugh and have fun!
Q:  I’d like to host an on-site course like this for my friends, my community, my pistol or rifle club, or a civic organization.   Do you host on-site CCW courses like this?

A: Yes, indeed we do! MMTA requires at least a minimum of 18 folks to conduct an on-site Multi-Sate CCW Course.

If you are interested in hosting this or any MMTA course please contact us for more specific information.

Q:  Ok, I'm ready... When is the next course and how do I register?

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for the course that best suits you and your busy lifestyle


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  Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit Information

alert Before applying only for a VA Concealed Handgun Permit, you should strongly consider our Combined Virginia CFP and Utah Non-Resident Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit Course; especially since the Utah permit is valid in Virginia, but also gives you many other additional states of coverage.

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit Information

icon If you are planning to apply for a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit, please find these other items of interest:

- Virginia State Police CHP Information for VA Residents
- Virginia State Police CHP Information for VA Non-Residents

- Where is it Unlawful to Carry in Virginia

- States with Reciprocity and Recognition of the VA CHP

General Information:
Each jurisdiction and the Virginia State Police require proof of training or competency prior to making application for a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). All MMTA firearms courses meet this training requirement.

Reciprocity and recognition information from the Virginia State Police is also available online. Additionally, information on transporting firearms through Virginia is also noted.


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