Dec. 27, 2000 The Finland Gazette Page 13

Three Three Hundreds - 1959 300E thru 1961 300G on the show field.

Rain, clouds, sun and Mopars are the four words that most accurately describe the 2000 All-Chrysler Nationals (formerly Chryslers at Carlisle), held in Carlisle, PA, this past July.
Despite iffy weather, an amazing three dozen finned Mopars were spotted over the course of the weekend. Adding to the excitement was a contingent of Chrysler 300s on display.

The ultimate sleeper - The 1958 Plymouth Savoy two door sedan (above) looks like a car Grandma might've driven.  But under the hood (right) is a 440 with dual quad carburetors.
Forward Look Arm - Mark Coudriet shows his dedication to the Fin Era with his Forward Look tatoo.

Bye Bye Belvedere - Below is Jack Johnson with his former 55 Plymouth Belvedere 2dr sedan. He sold the car shortly after this picture was taken.

Beautiful Plymouth - 1960 Plymouth recovers after a rainstorm. Behind is a 1958 Plymouth owned by Dave Stragand, webmaster of the Forward Look Mailing List.

Tough Tailfin- 1960 Chrysler Imperial tailfin fights off one of many rainshowers of the weekend.

Buried in Chrome - Yeah, that's me (above) examining a shiny 59 Dodge chrome eyebrow moulding at Ted Douglas's Western
Chrome vendor space.

Rainy Day Woman - This woman doesn't look too happy as she
waits in the rain for her husband to return.

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