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Plymouth Assembled
Front Closeup
Plymouth Front

Bumpers, Mouldings, Seats, Door Panels Now Installed.

In 2008, as soon as the weather warmed up, work resumed on mounting the front bumper. Up until this point, attempts to install the bumper were problematic, as the top edge was rubbing against the lower grill. Using the fabricated shims mentioned on the previous page, I was able to mount the bumper far enough away from the grill to avoid scratching the paint.

Where the front bumper installation

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Above: In this Spring 2008 photo, most of the exterior pieces have been reinstalled. Missing are the mirrors, fender top mouldings and radio antenna. The rear bumper will be installed next. In the Fall, the old tires and rims seen here were replaced by the wider rims seen previously and a new set of American Classics radial tires with correct 2 1/2" whitewall.

Right: Rear bumper is assembled and ready to be installed.
Plymouth Front
Plymouth Interior

Left: Door panels, armrests, package shelf and rear seats are added as interior is almost fully reassembled.

was fraught with weekly setbacks, the rear bumper mounted correctly within a couple of hours.

Now it was time for some professional help (for the car). A local service station that had previously helped a friend with his Chrysler 300 was called in to correctly install the exhaust system, check the brakes, check the front end and do a simple alignment. They also replaced a leaking pinion seal.

Now it was time to get the car registered so it could be driven legally. I was able to obtain new tags easily, as the car had previously been registered in my name.

The interior had been in storage since the car was disassembled. It was time to clean the dust off and reinstall in the car.

The package shelf that I originally had made was not correct. So I created a cardboard-like shelf that was nearly identical to what originally came on the car. Once that was installed, the seats were dropped into place.
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