August 15, 1999 The Finland Gazette Page 8

Chryslers at Carlisle - 1999
More Fins Than Ever Before!


Forward Look Mopars made their presence felt at this year's Chryslers at Carlisle, thanks to internet sites, such as the Forward Look Mailing List, as well as the 'West Coast' Chrysler 300 club, which held a rare east coast meet at the event.  Hopefully, this trend will continue, so fans of the 60s and 70s muscle cars, which still dominate the event, can see the flashy cars Chrysler was producing a decade earlier.

Ply with Nixon sticker
John Cote's 300C Engine. Goers Judges 300C
Above and Right: 1957 Chrysler 300C convertible. Chrysler parts reproducer Gary Goers is doing the judging as part of the Chrysler 300 Club meet.
Kid in Wagon with Fender 59 Sport Fury Original Owner
Above: Little kid keeps his eye on a rust-free treasure.
Above Right: 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury with the original owner.  This car has a three-speed manual transmission.

Right: 1961 Chrysler 300G convertible - a rusty project not for the easily frightened.

300G Project
FLML Group Shot
Above: Members of the Forward Look Mailing List gather for pizza around Dave Stragand's 58 Plymouth. That's me in the Hawaiian shirt. (Photo by Heather)

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