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On a warm Sunday in August 2004, my friend Chris and I got together to install the engine and transmission into the Plymouth. The engine, which had been rebuilt in 1989 and hadn't been started since the mid-90s, was finally being reunited with the car. Before installation, I detailed the engine using a zinc primer and Mopar Performance engine enamel. Engine Tranny Attach Then using a heavy duty engine hoist, we lifted the wide block 318 and mated it with the three speed torqueflite transmission. After many unsuccessful tries, we achieved success by aligning the mounting holes of the tranny and the engine.

Right: The engine and transmission have to mate together exactly, which is something that took many tries. Being new to this, I would learn later about alignment of the mounting holes.

Chris with Engine

Above: Chris helps guide the engine and transmission assembly into the engine compartment.

Right: Six hours later, engine now mounted on the frame.

After lunch, we picked up the entire assembly and, using an engine leveler, lifted the engine/transmission high enough so that we could slide the frame and body underneath. Blankets were wrapped around the firewall, so that as we tilted the assembly forward, the tailshaft of the transmission wouldn't leave unsightly scratches. This procedure actually went fairly quickly. As we lowered the engine, the tranny slid smoothly

Engine Assembled

Engine in Car underneath the firewall.

With the engine mounts centered into the frame slots, a floor jack was used to elevate the tailshaft so that the brace could be installed.

With the sun going down and the assembly in place, we decided that we were finished for the day.

Left:  October 2004 - Engine now has peripherals installed.

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