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Bolt on Fender

Above: George attaches left fender to cowl.
Below: Right fender is bolted to radiator yoke.

Bolt on Fender
After many weather delays and scheduling conflicts, George, the owner of Atwood's Auto Appearance in Deep River, CT, and I got together on a cool Saturday morning in mid-November, 2006, to assemble the front sheet metal on my 1958 Plymouth. First, George carefully taped the leading edges on both doors and rocker panels to avoid scratching the paint. Then, he carefully checked the fit of the fenders before sliding them into place over the inner fenders and bolting them in. I was confident that things would go smoothly, as George has over twenty years of body shop experience and has restored several prize-winning automobiles.
Tighten Hood Hinge

Once the fenders were mounted, we turned our attention to the hood. It was just the two of us, but we managed to mount the hood on its hinges. Masking tape was applied to the fenders to keep the paint from getting scratched during the alignment process.

George Finishes

Above at left: Hinge is bolted to hood on passenger side.

Above: After hood is bolted in place, George tapes edge of fender in preparation for hood alignment. Note red gas can hanging from frame.

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