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Arrives at Shop

Plymouth arrives at shop for body panel refinishing and a fresh coat of paint.

Left: Plymouth body shell arrives at Atwood's Auto Appearance, Deep River, CT, in August 2003.

After literally years of searching for the right shop, I ended up at the doorstep of Atwood's Auto Appearance, a body and restoration shop in Deep River, CT, about fourty minutes from my house. When I showed up to view the shop, they had several restoration projects in the works. They also glowingly talked about a late-40s Plymouth convertible that they brought back to life, which went on to win awards and make appearances in several calendars. Working on Door They talked about a guy they had who preferred to work on older cars, which was something that I was happy about. I liked what I was hearing, so I asked to be put on their schedule. The earliest they could fit me in was four months later, which wasn't bad considering that some shops that I spoke to had a waiting list of over a year.

Left: Herb, Atwood's old car specialist, mechanically strips the passenger door of thirty-year-old bondo. In the background is the Plymouth, with its already-finished quarter in Dupont Variprime primer.

Work commenced about a month after I dropped the car off. The restoration was moving along at a good clip. I was getting weekly requests to drop off additional panels or moldings to check 'fit up'.

Right: Panels drying after sandblasting and priming with Variprime.

Panels Hanging
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