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In October, 2007, the time had arrived to install the windshield and rear glass. I found an experienced glass guy that offered to do the job for a reasonable price. I walked him through the procedure for installing this vintage glass into the locking channel weatherstrip.

We started with the back glass and had that installed in about ten minutes. Next we turned to the large box containing a NOS tinted PPG windshield, obtained from a Mid-Western glass place in 2005. This would be the first time I had viewed the windshield, as I was not going to risk breakage by removing it myself for inspection. I was hoping it was correct and in good shape.

PPG Label

Front Glass Install 

Above:  Bob the Glass Guy checks the newly installed NOS windshield.

Left: A close up of the original PPG sticker from the above windshield.


As we pulled the glass out of the box, the original PPG sticker confirmed that it was a NAGS 451, the correct windshield for this car. Twenty minutes later, we had the windshield in place. A major step forward.

Right: Bob uses a nylon drift to drive the rear glass into the locking weatherstrip channel. I reused an original piece of weatherstrip, due to poor quality of currently available reproductions.
Rear Glass Install 
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