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Laurie Smiling

Right: Convertible seat covers begin to come together.

Left: Laurie of Manchester Motor Car separates welt from fabric and vinyl of NOS 59 Dodge seat covers that will be used to construct the convertible seat covers. NOS fabric will also be used.

Laurie Sewing Seats
Right: Completed covers for front seat backs are displayed. Laurie Finished

One of the more difficult tasks in the restoration of the Dodge involved finding the original material to assemble into seat covers. While black and white vinyl and fabric inserts are fairly easy to find, blue is nearly impossible. I purchased a number of NOS seat covers and several yards of NOS fabric from Original Auto Interiors in Michigan. I also located some NOS vinyl at SMS Auto Interiors in Oregon. Still, we were short one piece of light blue vinyl.

As luck would have it, I was heading down to look at some dry California fenders on a parts car in New York. When I got to the parts car, there was a set of 59 Dodge Coronet front seats sitting on top of the parts car. And they were blue!
After a little cleaning, the missing piece of light blue vinyl was removed for use in the new set.

I also had to find a competent upholsterer. A woman with over a decade of auto seat upholstering was located at Manchester Motor Car in Manchester, CT. Laurie was knowledgeable and well equipped to handle the job. You can see the results above.
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