Ron Lipsman
Liberal Hearts and Conservative Brains
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Do you wonder:
  • why people often become more politically conservative as they grow older?
  • why certain population cohorts in the US (for example, academic faculty or the Jewish community), appear to be relatively immune from that trend?
  • why the rancor between liberals and conservatives is so intense these days?
  • what particular issues play the most critical role in differentiating between the core values of liberals and conservatives?
  • whether there is sufficient common ground among liberals and conservatives to keep the country from fracturing apart at its political seams?

The answers to these and other tantalizing questions on the liberal/conservative divide in the US are to be found in this book. Click on the links above to learn more.

"intelligently argued and accessibly written — virtues that don't often go hand in hand,"
— Gary Mitchem, Acquisition Editor, McFarland Publishers

"Talk show hosts seem to believe conservatives are from Mars and liberals are from Venus — two different species, in other words. Ron Lipsman's new book uses a mix of rational analysis and personal history to suggest there may be deeper psychological laws at work here that shape our worldviews. He's on to something!"
— Elias Crim, publishing consultant

"An insightful and witty examination of the values and beliefs that divide liberals and conservatives in America today. A penetrating look at the concept of the 'aging liberal', especially as it pertains to the Jewish and academic communities."
— Bruce Bartlett, nationally syndicated columnist.